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Meagan Good & Michael Ealy Speak on ‘The Intruder,’ Family, Cooking Skills & More (EUR Exclusive)

*We all want to find our dream home and that was the case for Annie Russell and Scott Russell, played by Meagan Good and Michael Ealy in Screen Gems’ upcoming flick “The Intruder.”

The film focuses in on a married couple that buys their dream home from a not so “dreamful” person. The “intruder” himself “Charlie Peck,” played by Dennis Quaid, refuses to let go of his property and the plot reveals a twist as to why.

With the perfect balance of thrills and comedy, “The Intruder,” will keep you on the edge of your seat. A must see, action packed movie that will have you questioning if there’s someone in your house.

EURweb correspondent Kiki Ayers caught up with cast mates Meagan Good and Michael Ealy at a press junket held at the London Hotel in West Hollywood earlier this month. They spoke on their experiences dealing with people that they don’t always care to deal with. Megan spoke on her cooking skills and Michael spoke on how his character Scott dealt with gun control.

“I’m married so sometimes with family you have to be a little nicer to people than you want to,” Ealy laughed. “I think at least under those circumstances you’re forced to do it. I think with Scott and Annie it’s like … nahhh you’re not family.”


michael ealy & meagan good - the intruder (screenshot)
Michael Ealy and Meagan Good in ‘The Intruder’

Good agreed and said that she used to be a lot like her character Annie when it comes to being more nice than she should to people. Then she realized that people would take advantage if you let them. Her character also plays an amazing chef in the film so we asked if she cooks just as well in real life.

“I do. My husband would say I don’t but I do,” she said. “I can cook, but I don’t do it often.”

Ealy’s character Scott was traumatized by gun violence early on when his brother was shot down in front of him. The movie touches on that when it comes to guns on the property vs. no guns. Ealy spoke on it by stating:

“I love that Annie’s character is very sympathetic to that, but at the same time to confront someone like Charlie who is completely clueless, shows that we have this great divide in this country that shows those that have been affected and those that believe that if you arm teachers then school shootings wouldn’t happen. I mean these arguments aren’t valid. You got to find a real compromise.”

“The Intruder” is a must see on several levels and hits theaters everywhere May 3.


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