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Marriage and Motherhood Set Marsha Ambrosius Up for ‘Next Level Sex’ on New Concert Tour (EUR EXCLUSIVE!)

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*Marsha Ambrosius kicked off her latest tour in Las Vegas on Sunday, January 27, 2019 and is more than ready for her stop in Los Angeles at The Wiltern on Thursday, January 31 (buy tickets here). Ambrosius told the EUR in a phone interview on Saturday that the audience will be in for quite a sexy time.

“When you come to the concert, if you come single, who knows you might leave with a husband or whatever you’re interested in, go for it,” Ambrosius said.

Ambrosius is no stranger to tearing the house down with grown folks’ music. However, she added by combining past songs with music from her latest “Nyla” CD, named for her daughter with husband Dez Billups, will bring something decidedly different to the table this time around.

“I haven’t done a set like this at all,” Ambrosius said. “It’s just the way you are going to hear (the songs) this time. It’s highly emotional. It’s a story. What I’m giving with the Nyla tour is the same way the album feels. It’s initiating that love and feeling when I first met my husband. I didn’t know he was going to be my husband. I just knew he was fine and once we got to talking, I got to really dig him and was like, ‘Wow, I think I’m in love.’ It was about all of the things I had to let go of in order for me to move forward and trust in love.”

Marsha Ambrosius’ latest “Nyla” CD was released in 2018.

She continued, “When I met my husband, I was like. ‘I’m scared.’ It terrified me. He allowed me to be completely open and as transparent as I could be, and I allowed my heart to be on a level that I couldn’t even comprehend. When I announced my daughter was on the way, I didn’t know my heart was capable of these things, so the songs are that much more intense and that much more emotional.”

Being pregnant was one thing, but Ambrosius was in for something even greater once she gave birth to her daughter.

“When it comes to the very emotional sexy side of self, there is nothing better than when your husband is checking for you after you just give birth,” Ambrosius said. “I never felt as sexy as when he kissed me all over after delivering our baby. This is next level sex. It’s new. I love it. I love who I am because of it and the music then turns on a whole other life of its own.”


Marsha Ambrosius’ husband, Dez Billups, with their daughter, Nyla. (Photo credit:

So, watch out when she starts belting out some of your favorites.

“’Say Yes’ it’s real different,” Ambrosius said. “‘Take Care’ is different. ‘Flood’ is really different. ‘Freakin’ Me,’ featuring Jamie Foxx, is different. When you see this live, I don’t know how people can even stand up straight. Bring an extra pair of panties or liners or something because its going to get wet in there for real. I’m just saying. You asked what it’s like for me and I’m just telling you.”

Ambrosius met Dez Billups in an elevator the day before the first show of her 2015 reunion tour with Natalie Stewart, her former partner from Floetry. Billups was a roadie on the tour but that did not matter to her.

“It was just something real,” Ambrosius recalled. “It was a feeling. There were never criteria for what love was supposed to be: he has to be a football player, a singer, or in the industry. I wanted to meet someone that digs me in a way that surprises me and sweeps me off my feet.”

Marsha Ambrosius’ husband, Dez Billups (Photo credit:

“Everyone wants an IG relationship, but people don’t want what that comes with,” she continued. “We just wanted to connect personally. It wasn’t about Twitter, Facebook, or DM’s. It was just him and I talking to each other. I know that sounds absolutely plain and simple but that’s what’s missing in the world today, we don’t talk to each other often enough. We went for the longest walk in Norfolk, Virginia and just talked and haven’t been apart since that day. Since July 15, technically the 16th of 2015, we haven’t been apart – because of a conversation. Just talk and then you’ll know if it’s real.”

While the Floetry reunion tour brought Ambrosius and her hubby together it would not bring her and Stewart back together. The childhood friends from England, who set the neo-soul world on fire with their Grammy nominated, 2002 debut album “Floetic,” split up in 2006 rather abruptly. Floetry’s last album was “Flo’Ology” in 2005.

Ambrosius, who had already established herself as a songwriter by co-writing tracks for artists including Michael Jackson’s “Butterflies” in 2001, continued to work with other artists such as Common, Busta Rhymes, and Dr. Dre. She even released a mixtape in 2007 with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label. She went on to collaborate with Jamie Foxx, Alicia Keys, Nas, and Wale. In 2011, she finally released a her debut solo album “Late Nights & Early Mornings,” which also received Grammy nods.

With all of her solo success, Ambrosius will forever be linked to Floetry. While fans went years without knowing  why the beloved duo went their separate ways, Ambrosius revealed in an article in August 2016 on (see EUR coverage here) that Ambrosius could not watch Stewart stay in an abusive relationship. When the EUR asked if there would be another Floetry reunion, Ambrosius was very matter of fact that things were definitely over.

“We don’t talk and haven’t since the end of 2016,” Ambrosius said. “It was okay to forgive each other for what we could never take back and that’s years. On my part, I can only speak for myself, no love lost. I wish her well in all of her endeavors.”

Marsha Ambrosius (Photo credit:

Marsha Ambrosius is moving along with her family and tour. Lyrica Anderson is slated to replace Elle Varner at the concert in Los Angeles on Thursday, January 31 (buy tickets here). Ambrosius would not confirm what other artists would play with her on tour and said expect to be surprised. For complete tour dates, go to her official website here.

Meanwhile, as for other projects, Ambrosius would only say that she is working on two soundtracks. And whatever they are, her marriage and motherhood will no doubt bring new elements to that music as well.

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