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Kamala Harris Presidential Candidate Truancy Laws Hard on Crime Explained (WATCH)

*Attorney Antonio Moore discusses presidential candidate Kamala Harris recent Truancy scandal, exposing how she would punish families with $2000.00 fines and imprisonment if their children missed school too often.

Moore evaluates it in context of Harris recent platform that pushes left on the political scale, and presents a more liberal policy stance than in her resume.

Tune in Friday 2/1/19 7pm pst to hear Moore talk with leading economist William Darity of Duke University on the political positions of Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris’ Career as AG, was built on Truancy and Separation of Black Children and Families

Kamala Harris’ career was built on both the slave labor of black and brown prisoners and also the pettiness of truancy laws that separated poor and mostly black mothers from their children. Harris was so proud of her history with taking mothers from their children that she used it as her signature campaign agenda while running for AG.

“We are putting parents on notice,” she said in her inaugural speech as attorney general. “If you fail in your responsibility to your kids, we are going to work to make sure you face the full force and consequences of the law.”~Kamala Harris

Out of all the crimes that are being committed in California, Harris thought that charging poor and mostly black mothers of truancy, then separating them from their families, causing many to lose their jobs, and finally locking those up who could not afford the $2000 fine she imposed; was ultimately the crimes of the century. The statement below is taken from one of her adds.

“If you’re chronically truant from elementary school, you are four times more likely to drop out and become a perpetrator or a victim of crime,” Harris says in the commercial. “That’s why we’re taking on the truancy crisis in the California Department of Justice.”~Kamala Harris

In Harris’ autobiography she brags about locking up poor mothers and separating them from their children for truancy. Once these mothers are arrested and held for days, they are then charged with thousands of dollars in fines that they can not pay, and ultimately end up in the prison system for the crime of simply being poor. However, when it came time to prosecute Steve Mnuchin of One West Bank for corruption around the foreclosure of over 80,000 homeowners in California, she refused to do so.

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