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BLIND ITEM: Way Back in the Day… He Saved Her

dionne farris, randy jackson
Dionne Farris/Arrested Development and Randy Jackson

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Saved Her: This musician was A list way back in the day. He was also A list on network reality television at a time which is turning into back in the day. One of the things he also did way back in the day was save this one hit wonder from a situation she was in. She was part of a group which was A list at the time. The thing is though, she wasn’t an official member of the group so got paid per show or when the whim struck the leader of the group. Most of the time she had to sleep with him to get a few bucks just so she could live even though she is what made their big hit a big hit. Her manager was more interested in sleeping with as many young men as he could find to sign to “development deals,” rather than helping out his client. Plus, he also managed the group and they were a hit and she wasn’t. 

She was offered a deal but would have to work with the guy from the group she hated. Enter our musician/reality star who not only got her a great deal and great people to work with, got her a song which is the type of one hit wonder song you can milk for an entire career and she has. It was the most played song the year it came out. She never had to be put in that kind of sex for work/pay kind of situation again.

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