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‘DAD Speak’ Docu-short Gives Fathers A Chance to be Heard! – VIDEO

DAD Speak features Ruffin Patterson, Dr. Loren M. Hill, writer/director LaRita Shelby, Mark Winkler and Reggie Simon (Editor). Dad Speak is Executive Produced by Sandra Evers-Manly for Films With A Purpose Photo: Keith Crosby 2019

*An array of films were presented at the recent S. E. Manly short film festival and African American film marketplace in Los Angeles, and among them was DAD Speak, a docu-short written/produced & directed by EURweb’s very own LaRita Shelby and Executive Produced by Sandra Evers-Manly for Films With A Purpose (FWAP).

DAD Speak was met with rave reviews from men who were relieved to finally see their stories told on the screen.  Women were also moved by the raw honestly of men who had at one time been separated from their children.

The film was inspired by LaRita Shelby’s own story of growing up without her father. She breaks the veil and shows that on the other side of an accomplished superwoman, was a girl who longed for her dad.  The men in the film are athletic director Ruffin Patterson, comedian Evan Lionel and Mark Winkler, author of My Daughter’s Keeper.

These guys hold nothing back.  They tell it all! Family court, strained relations with exes, the low points of missing their children and the battle to keep on their game face. Experts in the film are Rev. Jerrold Smith, a certified Life Coach and Dr. Loren M. Hill, a clinical psychologist.  See trailer here:

A serious buzz is brewing about this compelling docu-short. DAD Speak was also produced as a precursor to the feature film On My Father’s Side, which is based on the book of the same name by LaRita Shelby.   The screenplay is currently being shopped.

Sandra Evers-Manly, Executive Producer & Founder of Films With A Purpose congratulates LaRita Shelby Writer/Producer of DAD Speak a new docu-short. Photo: Keith Crosby

Sandra Evers-Manly reiterated the purpose of FWAP was to create films that bring about change and create dialogue.   In a short time, the film has done just that.  Shelby ended up turning down men who wanted a chance to tell their side of the story in DAD Speak, and she’s being flooded with calls about what’s next.

LaRita Shelby noted her commitment to honoring her late father Calvin Thomas Shelby, and in so doing she vows to give other fathers a chance to speak and be heard.  As she found out in her own life, all absent fathers are not created equal.  “There are many good men who want to be good fathers but are bound by circumstances.”

Gail Gibson, President of the Multi-cultural Motion Picture Association attends DAD Speak premiere and post book signing with LaRita Shelby Photo: Keith Crosby 2019

Gail Gibson, President of the Multi-cultural International Motion Picture Association was among the attendees at the premiere of DAD Speak and she made a surprise announcement that LaRita Shelby will be among the honorees at the 2020 Lady In Red Awards.

DAD Speak had a profound impact on both the men and women in the audience and plans are underway for it to hit the festival circuit.  For updates on DAD Speak or to join the conversation go to: To inquire about hosting the film email:

DAD Speak features the score by Steven A. Taylor, with additional music by LaRita Shelby, Willie Daniels and Michael Wells for Wishing Well Productions.  Associate Producer is Eddie White. Editor is Reggie Simon for Simon Vision Media.

Films With A Purpose presents DAD Speak a docu-short by LaRita Shelby featuring Ruffin Patterson, Mark Winkler and Evan Lionel.




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