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NeNe Leakes Admits Marriage with Gregg is ‘Still Healing from the Cancer Journey’ [Video]

*NeNe Leakes makes her “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season 12 debut this Sunday, and a clip of the episode show her emotions running high as she discusses her relationship struggles with husband Gregg amid his cancer journey.

We previously reported… Gregg and NeNe will stun viewers this season with their discussion about possibly having an open marriage. Meanwhile, there’s also a rumor that Leakes is cheating on her hubby with a rich white dude… according to former rapper Khia.

Peep the clip above.

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via TooFab:

“It is a very tough thing to do,” NeNe said of the journey they both went on: Gregg as the patient and NeNe as his caretaker.

“It’s tough on both of us, though,” he noted. NeNe began to tear up as she replied, “Yeah, it’s very hard. It’s really hard.”

“I can see that it’s still tough for you,” Gregg said, as NeNe’s makeup artist rushed to keep her eye makeup from running.

“No matter what, in all of this, you did the best you can do,” Gregg continued. “I thought you did a champion’s job.”

“I don’t wanna cry, ’cause if I cry, you know, I can’t even cry,” she mumbled. “I’d be making it about me if I cry.”

“Guess, what?” Gregg said lovingly to his wife. “It is about you.”

Later, in a later confessional, NeNe explained, “Before Gregg got diagnosed with cancer, we were already in a really rocky place. It was probably the worst thing we’ve been through.”

She also recalled the Season 11 reunion, where Andy Cohen asked if they “both want to save this marriage.” Gregg responded, “I do,” while NeNe said, “We will just have to see.”

“Now,” she says on Sunday’s episode, “my relationship with Gregg is still healing from the cancer journey.”

As exclusively reported, NeNe Leakes was SUSPENDED from the first part of the season due to her unruly behavior. 

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