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Aretha Franklin: Sons of Late Singer Skip Grave Visit on 1-Year Death Anniversary

Aretha Franklin

*Aretha Franklin’s family is reportedly busy brawling over her $80 million fortune, so her sons and relatives couldn’t be bothered visiting her burial site on the one-year anniversary of her death. 

According to RadarOnline, only a handful of visitors were spotted at Detroit’s Woodlawn Cemetery to pay respect to Franklin, who passed away on Aug. 16, 2018, at the age of 76 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. 

“I’m just surprised no one from her family showed up on the one-year anniversary of her death,” said one observer at the cemetery’s mausoleum where Franklin’s remains are interred. “I only saw a few loyal fans who loved her music and felt the need to pay their respects.”

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As we previously reported, a bitter court battle has Aretha’s sons Kecalf Cunningham and Edward Franklin against their brothers Teddy Richards and Clarence Franklin, and the singer’s niece, Sabrina Owens.

Kecalf and Edward  have petitioned the court to remove Sabrina as the estate administrator, claiming she’s keeping them in the dark about the Queen of Soul’s finances. Kecalf wants the court to name him the estate’s personal representative, replacing Owens, and he is being supported by his brother Edward, according to the Detroit Free Press

Teddy has backed Owens while asking to be named co-representative, the report states. Owens is also favored to serve as guardian of Clarence, who has special needs. 

“Our mother has enriched the world with music, art and service of activism more than half of her life,” said Kecalf in a written statement to the press following a recent court hearing. “The loss of our mother has traumatized our family. Despite our grief, we find ourselves in a battle to defend and protect this legacy against those who wish to disrespect, slander and exploit it.”

Kecalf has demanded a complete inventory list of his mother’s property and assets, according to the court documents. He also wants to know the whereabouts of nearly $1 million worth of Aretha’s uncashed personal checks. 


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