Saturday, September 25, 2021

Georgia Teen Sentenced to Life in Prison for Killing Sister Over Family’s WiFi Password

*A Georgia teenager has been sentenced to life in prison after choking his sister to death during a fight about the family’s Wi-Fi password. 

The tragedy occurred in February 2018, when Kevon Lamar Watkins was 16-years-old  and his sister, Alexus Breanna Watkins, was 19, the New York Post reports. On Friday, Kevon was found guilty of felony murder and aggravated assaulted.

Judge Verda M. Colvin said the decision to hand down a life sentence with a chance of parole was “the most difficult thing I’ve had to do since I took the bench in April of 2014.”

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On the day of the attack, Kevon had reportedly been playing his Xbox and had changed the Wi-Fi password because of a slow connection due to the number of people in the house using it. That’s when all hell broke loose and the fatal confrontation unfolded.

During the proceedings, Judge Colvin noted that she found Kevon guilty of murder instead of voluntary manslaughter because his 13-year-old brother had attempted to stop him from hurting their sister. 

“Even under the best estimation, by the time [a sheriff’s deputy] got there … It had been at least 11 minutes that the defendant had to have been choking his sister,” Colvin said. “In those 10 minutes, she had to have stopped moving. Perhaps that wasn’t noticed by the defendant because he was still angry.”

Alexus died from asphyxiation. 

Kevon told investigators he and his sister argued almost daily. According to the Post, he cried when he learned of his sentence, and expressed his sorrow of the fatal incident. 

“I think everyone understands,” Judge Colvin said, “including this court.”

“One of the things that kept coming to mind was: what we ignore, we empower,” she continued. “In this household, chaos was empowered. … In this household, the ability to ignore and follow corrective discipline was empowered.”

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