Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Meet Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody, the Lawyers Behind Kim Kardashian’s Prison Reform Efforts

Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody

*While Kim Kardashian receives all the praise for her work with the criminal justice system and the freeing of inmates, it’s two sistas, attorneys Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody, that are doing all the hard work behind-the-scenes to free non-violent offenders who are serving lengthy prison sentences.

Kardashian seems to be the face of America’s prison reform movement primarily because she’s putting her money behind Barnett and Cody’s efforts, The YBF reports.

The media portrays the reality star as being primarily responsible for helping to free Alice Marie Johnson from prison, but Barrnett had been working on Alice’s case for years through she and Cody’s “Buried Alive” project, which secured the great-grandmother’s release.

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The Buried Alive Project aims to eliminate life without parole sentences for federal drug offenses. Barrett and Cody also run an organization called The Decarceration Collective, a non-profit law firm and consultancy that advocates for criminal justice reform, the report states. 

Through their 90 Days of Freedom campaign, Barnett and Cody helped secure the release of 17 men and women from prison, but the media gave Kim all the credit because her cash funded the work to make this possible.  

Brittany addressed their hard work being overshadowed by Kim. Peep her post below:

Brittany also had this to say about the Kardashian controversy to TMZ:

In total, Brittany and MiAngel have reportedly reduced/eliminated 37 life sentences. 

“Took a few moments today to reflect on how honored we are to work side by side saving lives and linking up with some amazing people that support us along the way,” Brittant wrote on Facebook. “Our clients trust us with their lives and that is a privilege we do not take lightly. Together we have given a total of 37 life sentences back to the feds. We are just getting started. Me and my sis/co-counsel MiAngel Cody are back in the lab planning the next project! Doing it for the CULTURE, the CAUSE, and the CODE.”

Ny MaGee
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  1. Dear Mss: Barnett and Cody: We are blown away by your fantastic work.

    we have a case you would be blown away with. Grant you there are some difficult areas but this is a young black male who has been wrongly imprisoned.. It is difficult to think that this could happen, but when you read the case and see for yourselves what happened and what he has been doing in the system you would amazed. I would like to send you a letter. He has been given 57 years for a act he did not commit. Misguided, but has been a model and person who has been giving back to the society he finds himself in. His name is McKinley Joiner in the Virginia Prison system. Inmate 1454835.
    Thank you for ANY help or advice you an give. May God bless you both. Is there an address I can mail you information.

  2. Good morning
    I have a friend in the Mississippi Dept of Corrections who is doing 60 years for possession cocaine. Investigators initially wanted him to snitch on others and said if he didn’t they would persuade the judge to give him 60 years. He refused and denied possession. He fought for his rights and sure enough down there in MS he got 60 years for possession! That’s a life sentence for a misdemeanor. Can you please help him.
    His name is Dexter Campbell
    ID Number K5513
    East MS Correctional Facility
    Thank you

  3. Dear Brittany, I am enclosing a copy of the email that Is sent to Martin Valadez. I hope that you can appreciate my candid approach. By the way you are beautiful as is your partner, God Bless.

    July 31, 2019

    Dear Martin:
    This is the address, The Buried Alive Project, 3131 McKinney Avenue, Suite 600, Dallas TX 75204
    (214) 919-4421. The website provides information and is seeking donations, they are not taking on cases as far as I can see. I don’t know why we don’t press the legislators since they write the laws. We vote for them. Case by case is hustling backwards. Brittany gave me her office number (214) 919-4421, I just called the number and Brittany was on the voice mail. I left a voicemail. I told her that I am being encouraged by you to call her, I am not doing anything wrong, this is a necessary good thing. I told her you do not need legal representation per se. You need her to put a bug in Kim’s ear regardless of what she says, that she doesn’t refer cases to Kim. I said since we voted the politicians in and they write the law, a person like me could reach out as a representative of her organization and encourage them to re-write the law. I advised her that I am going to do it anyway as a person and from my organization. Congressional intent cannot include hurting the people. On one hand yes they want to be tough on crime but on the other we voted them in and in reality it is our children and family being subjected to these harsh sentences that they have created. The politicians cannot have it both ways we vote them in and then they hurt us. I told Brittany that I don’t doubt that Kim is intelligent and I know that her father was a lawyer, and I do not doubt that she really wants to go to school and become a lawyer, but in reality her project manager and her beauty is how she makes her money, so if this is a publicity stunt for her, then it is Brittany’s job as a black woman to educate Kim and make her less vain. I wasn’t accusing Kim of being in it for the publicity but I was implying that it is not far-fetched based on her history and financial gain of it all. Brittany’s organization website is all about donations, so if Kim is footing the bill why is she asking us for money, for an example after all what good will it do for you. Why would you try to help someone else financially further their own goals instead of your own? The object is to reach out to legislators and to have them rewrite the law to affect everyone and not just a few. My life is chaotic, I do have disabilities and I do get very depressed and I am lucky that it doesn’t last for long. I want to relocate, work and go back to school. My community does not afford me any of these opportunities because the same people who have black listed me also sit on the board of directors for everything in this community. I am not looking to work just to make a few dollars I am looking to have a great job and a career and of course a hearty retirement. I have a plan but because I do what I do for others and I am a revolutionary I am being denied the support to move ahead. I don’t just want to go to school, I don’t just want to work. I want to enjoy life and see progress. After all I have been an organization for ten years and I have provided outreach to countless men and women incarcerated and getting paid is the least of my reasons for doing it. I do appreciate you and your fire and the fact that I have the cellphone number for Kim Kardashian’s friend. That is major. We make a great team. Unfortunately, I have no team out here and I am actually laying the ground work and foundation for my organization by the work that I do. The legal research and comprehension and the applications I submit for change are essential to any beginning for change. My work now is different than when I used just talk and accuse them of being racist and corrupt. I actually prove it now in briefs. When it will pay off for me and others I do not know. People do not appreciate my work because they are not having to do it. Writing letters, making calls, drafting legal arguments in briefs and motions, enduring rejection from the court and other organizations who claim to help , walking in the extreme heat to mail letters to prisoners and the courts, spending my last dollar on postage, living off tuna fish and cereal, while having my credibility attacked by everyone and being bullied by federal court staff such as law clerks, the U.S. Marshals and judges is so incredibly abnormal to the average person that I am deemed a trouble maker by my own family and community. I am bearing what God has put on me. My only relief is an outburst here and there. Since they are provoking me they are expecting it, so I do not think they will ever arrest me again, since they are provoking it and they know that I now know the law. They have to take responsibility for whatever the hell they think they are doing to me. I have thoroughly articulated and documented everything they have done to me for the past 18 years of my life. So I have three case managers in my life. My education, employment and relocation is up to them. Some of the chaos has to be resolved in my life, civil cases have to be settled since they have only been delayed due to discrimination and fraud on the court. I have to have a new computer and a printer. I have to have a car and be economically restored. After all who doesn’t require this. I am no different. I am setting a deadline for my school enrollment and relocation. I am giving myself about five more months to achieve this. I am even looking for a job in another state with the state under 55B meaning I do not have to take the civil service test. I want to work in the Attorney General’s office. Once I am in they cannot fire me they can only accommodate my disability. Because of you last night I stared writing my book. I have to have a new computer and a printer. I have to have a car and be economically restored. After all who doesn’t require this. I am no different. I am setting a deadline for my school enrollment and relocation. I am giving myself about five more months to achieve this. I am even looking for a job in another state with the state under 55-B meaning I do not have to take the civil service test. I want to work in the Attorney General’s office. Once I am in they cannot fire me they can only accommodate my disability. Because of you last night I started writing my book. All I was ever waiting for was for a moment of confirmation. It finally came last night when I finally realized what I had been through and survived. I have to somehow redirect my energy again to move forward and to help protect others. I need resources and maybe your situation and being so close to Kim Kardashian is a key to my own success story. Martin it is tough because some days it seems like I am doomed and I cannot understand why I was ever born. I know that you know exactly how I feel. My predicament although not so unique, however, my reaction is considering there are countless professional people who come from poor abused backgrounds who are so dysfunctional and worthless. Look at Baltimore Maryland, my God, all those black people in charge and that state needs to be destroyed. It has reached Biblical proportions of doom. The President’s assessment came right on time for my civil rights lawsuit against Baltimore for the murder of those men. To me what I do is nothing but apparently threatening the livelihood of countless people and exposing corruption is major. God made me right, because if I were any different I would not have the sense to question or challenge or to go after the uncivilized and monumental corruption that goes against human decency although it has become normal to absolutely obliterate human beings with no repercussion. I will take on new methods for you day by day.

    Your friend Regina

  4. Dear Ms. Barrett and Ms.Cody,
    I am touched by the efforts that you all are making with your project. I am writing on the behalf of my nephew who is presently serving 3 sentences for the same offense in which the case was dismissed on appeal and the sentencing still has not been corrected. His name is Robert S. Jackson his current case on the legal document Writ of Habeas Corpus A-19-797114-W can provide all information you need, and by the way he prepared this document himself. Buried Alive are the young and old Black men here in the prison. Nevada is the Mississippi of the West. Here in Las Vegas there is much corruption. He and We NEED your help. If it is just legal advice or direction to move through the courts anything would be helpful. This would be a very good case to highlight in Las Vegas, it was labeled the Margaritaville Shooting. Hopeful for support.
    Thought: I am leaving this message for a returned response. In order for social media to work, those of us leave messages need responses. In order to change and empower we must activate everyone’s consciousness, I am willing to take that step here in Las Vegas. Please contact me, we need a project here, I have an office I am business owner and would love for you to expand your project here.


    Maria Williams, COO

  5. Good morning.

    Dear Ms. Barnett and Ms Cody:

    I think you would really be interested in doing my fiance case . My fiance’ is incarcerated in the Virginia Dept of Corrections and is serving 20 years for distribution of cocaine & Conspiracy to distribution of cocaine, he received 10 years for both charges and the conspiracy charge he wasn’t even at the scene or they didn’t have any evidence ! He is fighting to get the one charge over turned (Conspiracy) so he can come home soon, but with little money its hard to get a lawyer to do his Habeas corpus , they range from 15,000- 30,000 and there is no guarantee that they will get him out after he pays all that money, he paid 10,000 for a appeal and that was denied, he had until March 2020 to file the Habeas ! Also is there any way
    possible way he can file a clemency? If you can help us any anyway possible please give me a call or email me

    His name is Jervay Erin Jones
    Inmate # : 1400667
    Lunenburg Correctional Center
    Thank you

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