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Winston Duke Talks Living with His Mother and Taking Her to Business Meetings [WATCH]

*Winston Duke made his Jimmy Kimmel Live debut Wednesday night to promote Jordan Peele‘s new thriller “Us,” growing up in Tobago and how his mom keeps him humble after the success of “Black Panther.”

Fun fact: When Winston arrived at Yale for graduate school, his future “Black Panther” and “Us” co-star Lupita Nyong’o was assigned to show him around campus, THR reports.

The Hollywood Reporter’s profile of the 32-year-old star notes how his single mom moved the family from the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago to Brooklyn when Duke was 9, so that his older sister could pursue medical school. She’s now an endocrinologist in Las Vegas.

“I was very reclusive because I didn’t really understand American culture,” Duke says. He spent a lot of time at home alone while his mom worked and his sister was at school — he started watching TV and movies and reading comic books, and his new culture gradually became second nature. “Story kind of became my outlet,” he says. “I loved reenacting things I saw on TV.”

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While on Kimmel’s show, Winston shared sweet stories about his family and how he often takes his mother with him to work. Watch the clip above.

Do they watch Friends in Tobago?

They watched almost every American sitcom. I grew up with all these people as my family. Friends, Family Matters, Fresh Prince, Golden Girls. I’m definitely a Blanche with a little Sophia.

What did your family do for work?

My mother worked for the government and she also owned a restaurant. Local flavor creole cuisine.

Does your mother still live there?

No she spends half her time with me. She lives with me half the year and the other half with my sister.

How do you like living with your mother?

It’s cool especially around now when my life changed completely after Black Panther. Everyone changed except for her. She’s always like ‘you got to take out that garbage. Who do you think you’re talking to? You didn’t get famous your beard did.’ She doesn’t let up.

Do you hang out with her?

Every day almost. We’re almost like best friends. She even comes on set with me on the movies. I even bring her to my meetings with agents.

Duke often shares proud moments of his family on his Instagram page, check ’em out below:

His sister is a doctor who runs her own fertility practice in Nevada!

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