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THE REAL Hosts on the Liam Neeson Controversy and tWitch Hops in to Talk Ellen’s Game of Games

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*On Tuesday, Feb. 5, the ladies of The Real talk about the backlash Meghan Markle received for writing notes to sex workers on bananas, and co-host Loni Love thinks the Duchess of Sussex deserves our love and positivity.

And the hosts discuss the racial controversy stirred up when actor Liam Neeson admitted to seeking violence with any black man when a close friend was sexually assaulted 40 years ago. Co-host Jeannie Mai takes issue with Neeson denying accusations of racism and Loni wants to strongly remind everyone that violence helps no one.

And Ellen’s Game of Games announcer/DJ tWitch pops by to discuss the current season of the show. He talks with the ladies about whether he thinks his kids will grow up to be dancers, if he would be a stage dad, and joins the hosts in playing “Switch it up tWitch!”

Loni Thinks Meghan Markle Deserves Our Love and Positivity

The Hosts On Liam Neeson Racist Controversy: “Violence Helps No One.”

If tWitch’s Kids Decide To Be Dancers, He’d Probably Be That Stage Dad!

tWitch plays “Switch It Up tWitch!” With The Hosts!

The Hosts On Liam Neeson Racist Controversy: “Violence Helps No One.”

Jeannie Mai: When you read the transcript of when Mr. Neeson asked his friend, who had gotten raped, what happened, the first question he asked about the attacker was, “What color were they?”

Adrienne Houghton: So weird.

Jeannie: Ok, so when you think about a description of somebody, if that’s the first thing your mind goes to, I think that’s a red flag to wonder why that’s important in the series of questions you’re going to ask – I understand we have to describe somebody, but that’s the first thing he went to. And then fast forward to today – he was on Good Morning America today, and his first – one of his first statements is, he said, “I am not a racist.” Ok, so when you go to the dictionary definition of what a racist is, it’s exactly what Ades just said. It’s you generalize an entire race, think you’re more superior than them based on whatever it is you believe about that race. So you generalize these millions of people based on one man’s actions and you turn that into action. For a week, you’re walking around with a club looking for this person.

Adrienne: Terrible.

Jeannie: So that said, it’s been 40 years since he did that. I want to know what you did in that 40 years that made you make that proud statement today that you’re not a racist. Because I don’t see how 40 years could erase that. And what you also said, that what you’ve done since is you’ve confessed to a priest, which is great, confession is power, that’s definitely the first step. Then you said you took a power walk. You don’t “power walk” off racism. You know what I’m saying?

[The Real audience applauds]


Loni Love: You think you have privilege…

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Yeah.

Loni: You think if I say, “Well, I did this 40 years ago,” you know, and let me put – because all he had to do was take out the adjective, you know…

Adrienne: Yeah!

Loni: Just take out the – just take out the “black” and say, “You know, I had a friend that was raped unfortunately, I was mad, and I went looking out for the man.” Because you’re doing a movie promotion. Why you gotta be black? Why you gotta add all that? We’re living in times right now where everything is racially charged. It would have been just as bad if he would have said, “Indian.” Or, you know, “Native American.” Or “Hispanic,” or…

Adrienne: “Asian.”

Loni: “Asian.” You know, it would have been the same connotation for me. Let’s not go ughhhhhh…. And then that’s the thing, now we want to forgive. There’s certain people you want to forgive and certain people you don’t want to forgive. You didn’t want to forgive Kevin Hart for what he did ten years ago, but now we gotta forgive Liam Neeson. Come on now, y’all, all right?


Loni: What I’m saying is, don’t, violence helps –

Tamera: Nothing.

Adrienne: No one.

Loni: Nothing.

[The Real audience applauds]

Loni: Violence solves nothing.

Adrienne: Nothing.

Loni: Don’t get yourself… Trayvon Martin would have been 24 years old today. The guy that shot him had issues with people of color. You could have been taking away one of my family members, just like what Munchkin just said. So be careful. Violence is not the answer.

Adrienne: Ever!

Loni: Ever.



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