Thursday, October 6, 2022

Outrage Over Video Showing Steve Harvey’s Granddaughters Pretending to Breastfeed Dolls (WATCH)

Steve Harvey's granddaughters

*Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, has sparked a bit of outrage online after she shared a video of granddaughters Elle, 3, and Rose, 4, taking care of their baby dolls by pretending to breastfeed them.

When asked what they were doing, Rose responded, “Feeding our babies,” before Elle continued, “from our boobies.”

Many social media followers have decided that the imagery is inappropriate. Watch the clip below and decide for yourself. Let us know your thoughts about the two babies pretending to breastfeed their dolls.

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Rose and Elle breastfeeding dolls

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As noted by, the girls are most likely mimicking what they’ve seen their mothers do when taking care of the youngin’. However, many people are not amused. One person responded in the comments: “I’m not sure how to feel about this.”

“Not cute” and “Inappropriate. A video for pedophiles,” wrote some critics, while another wrote, “This is why little girls grow up so fast…”

The Harveys had some supporters who found the clip “beautiful.”

“Breastfeeding is normal and kids imitate what they see,” a follower commented. Another joked, “So sweet! Little do they know what’s to come when they really get there.”

Marjorie eventually responded to the criticism on her Instagram Stories, stating that she thought the video was funny.

“Cleary some of y’all weren’t breastfed. Maybe that’s the problem,” she said. “Some of y’all need a hug.”

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  1. My personal opinion is this is disgusting! This is fuel for child molesters. I don’t find it funny nor is it cute. If Mrs. Harvey found it to be cute, she should have kept in the families personal family video library. For the breath in me, I don’t know why people won’t let kids be kids these days. Kim K. thought it was cute for North to wear (red) lipstick in a family picture. SMH!

  2. I didn’t see anything wrong with it. I breastfed my son, in large part because my mother encouraged me to (she couldn’t breastfeed us), and I saw my aunts breastfeed their babies. That’s what breasts are for (as opposed to being for the pleasure of men, lol!); I don’t think any female is too young to learn that.

  3. Stop lying. If breast were not used for the pleasure of men, then they wouldn’t be on display all the damn time, even when there isn’t a baby hanging off them.

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