Thursday, June 20, 2024

Woman Fatally Shot Driver for Cutting Her Off, Then Bragged About it on Facebook

*Wow. The only thing dumber than allowing yourself to lose control after someone cuts you off on the road is bragging about it on social media. I guess one woman didn’t get the memo.

Graciela Paulino, 20, got picked up in Lowell, Mass., on Thursday for killing 34-year-old construction worker Marc Devoe, who may have cut her off as he was coming back from his lunch break, the Boston Globe reported.

Reports say Paulino bragged about warning the driver and posted, “don’t make me spank you,” on Facebook.

Brian Daigle was actually in the car — a blue Hyundai — with Devoe, and noticed the other drivers’ car was following them. He apparently told police Devoe pulled over to a lot near the construction site, Paulino got out and an argument ensued between the two drivers.

According to a police report they were, “yelling back and forth at each other.”

A New York Post article reads…

Daigle noticed the woman reach to the left side of her waistband and told his friend, “C’mon forget it, it’s just a girl.”

The men left but noticed Paulino still following them, so they got out of their car near Hale Street Bridge in Lowell.

Paulino drove by, slowed down and then allegedly shot Devoe in the chest.

“I’ve been hit,” Devoe said, before jumping back into the driver’s seat to chase Paulino, and ending up crashing into a vehicle barrier.

He was taken to Lowell General Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The details in this story is so insane. To read more please visit EURThisNthat.

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