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Minnesota Pooch Blind and Battling Cancer Survives 5 Nights Outside in Frigid Weather

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*”He must have moved his head or something,I couldn’t even believe my eyes.”

This is how Emily Raguse of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, described the moment that something happened to catch her eye, just outside her basement window.

Upon further inspection, she saw a dog, curled up, and covered in snow in the window well.

She ran upstairs and called her neighbor, who called the police before she went outside to check on the dog.

Little did she know then, that the dog was still alive, and had special needs.

“He was really, really lethargic, so he pretty much was only moving his head a little bit,” said Raguse, who had been out of town over the weekend and didn’t know how long the dog had been outside.

“I grabbed a towel from the house to put on top of him because he was obviously cold. He was shivering.”

When the police arrived, they climbed down to get the dog, a 3-year-old, blind, Golden-doodle whose tag revealed that his name was “Buddy,” and his owner was Patsy Sumpter.

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