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Matt Barnes Admits He Smoked Weed Before Every Game – Tiger Woods DUI Probation Ends Early

*Matt Barnes wants y’all to know that if you’ve ever seen him playing basketball then chances are he was high as hell ‘cause the baller clams he smoked weed before every game he played since high school.

Barnes appeared on Van Lathan’s ‘Red Pill Podcast’ and talked openly about marijuana usage in pro sports and how he hopes to work with the NBA to change policies banning weed, TMZ reports.

Listen below.

Matt explained that he’s an advocate and an avid smoker.

“We’d have shoot around at 11, I’d be done by 12, back to the house by 12:30. Roll a joint, smoke it. Take a nap, wake up, eat, shower, and go to the game.”

Matt also shared a funny tale about how he learned his limits with weed after some not-so-stellar results on the court.

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In related news, Tiger Woods is finally off probation for his DUI.

His probation was terminated by a judge a month earlier than expected because he “successfully completed all regular and special conditions” … according to a new legal doc obtained by TMZ.

As the outlet previously reported … Woods copped a plea in his DUI case at his Florida hearing on October 27, 2017, and as part of his deal to avoid jail he agreed to enter a DUI diversion program. He was also put on probation for 12 months, ordered to perform 50 hours of community service, and prohibited from drinking alcohol or taking drugs during the probation period.

Woods was arrested for DUI on May 29, 2017, in Jupiter, FL after cops found him asleep at the wheel (he blamed it on a cocktail of prescription drugs.)

Dash cam footage of his arrest showed Tiger was clearly a hot mess….he later went to rehab for his prescription drug issues.


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