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Gloria Reuben Teases ‘Terrific End’ of ‘Cloak & Dagger’ S1 Finale [EUR Exclusive]

*Marvel’s “Cloak and Dagger” follows the story of teenagers, Tandy and Tyrone whose lives are intertwined when the Roxxon Gulf Platform explodes off the coast of New Orleans and causes dramatic changes in their lives.

Tyrone aka Cloak has the ability to engulf others in darkness and move through the Darkforce Dimension. He can also see people’s fears when he touches them.

Tandy aka Dagger can see people’s hopes when she touches them. She can also make daggers out of light.

The kids learn that working together is the key to their superheroic success.

In the description for this show, it’s mentioned that Tandy and Tyrone develop a romantic relationship but we don’t see much of that first season.

Instead, fans are taking on a roller coaster ride of emotions as each deals with their respective family members’ deaths while also figuring out their super-human abilities.

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Gloria Reuben (“ER,” “Mr. Robot)”. stars as Adina Johnson; Tyrone’s mother who invests heavily in making sure her son has a good life. Reuben is one of the few actresses to portray characters for both Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment. She played Sabrina in The Flash.

“Tyrone is Adina’s only living son, and she’s kinda caught between this world of letting him grow up and letting him go. But at the same time, maybe being a little hyper-vigilant in terms of wanting to protect him. It’s a delicate balance,” she explained to EUR/Electronic Urban Report.

Adnia is a woman who is grieving the loss of one son while worried about the well-being of the other. Many parents can relate to these challenges, as violence and mourning often force them to have to start their lives over again.

“For those who are new viewers or Marvel fans as a whole, one of the wonderfully unexpected gifts of this show is the social relevance in the storylines. In this particular story, there is a police officer involved in their son’s death, and even the other son believes there is a cover-up. So he is very much part of his own emotional make-up. He’s dealing with that… plus being a superhero. Many of us have experienced death with family members and that is extremely difficult, but if a son or a sister or a parent is taken from this earth in a violent fashion, I can imagine how much more layered and how much deeper the grief and the anger,” Reuben explained.

“It would wreak havoc for a long time if not forever, so, it’s definitely something that this family is dealing with on this show and unfortunately way too many parents are dealing with similar issues. Kids are killed by other kids in school. Kids are killed by other kids in certain communities. We have a lot of issues at play here in this country when it comes to violence. Obviously, this one show can not cover all of these aspects but I’m proud of what we do in this one particular perspective.”

One of the most endearing scenes occurs in episode two when mother and son are attempting to bond and, through his powers, Tyrone is finally able to understand her pain and concerns.

“It’s a very healthy thing to portray the bond between mother and son. I find it really touching in this story; a superhero teenager bonding with his mother and because of his gift he’s able to witness her pain. He goes with her to the place that she fears the most. So I’m excited to see how that continues to unfold.”

But there’s more to Adina that just being an over-protective mother. Fans suspect she may have some insight into the shady shenanigans going on at Roxxon.

“It’s going to be a terrific end of the season. You’ll definitely want to catch up because more will be revealed about Adina. I can’t give you any specifics but let’s put it this way…. at the end of the season, I’m very excited about the prospects for Adina’s future on the show.”

The “Cloak & Dagger” Season Finale airs August 2 8/7C on Freeform. Missed an episode? Get caught up at

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