Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Elaine Brown, Former Black Panther Leader, Awarded $4M By Oakland Jury

Former Black Panther leader, Elaine Brown

*“Disappointing but not unexpected.” This is how Desley Brooks, the Oakland, California councilwoman who was ordered to pay a huge sum of money to former Black Panther leader, Elaine Brooks, responded to the judgment against her.

Elaine Brown was injured after Brooks pushed her over stacked chairs and she was forced to have surgery for a torn rotator cuff. The incident occurred during an argument.

Brooks must pay $550,000 to Brown — who was also awarded $3.8 million in damages from the city by the same jury in December 2016 when it was determined that Brown was the victim of elder abuse.

WRAL reports the altercation appeared to stem from Brown’s venture to build affordable housing in West Oakland for formerly incarcerated people.

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