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Blind Item: This Has To Stop

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the listening party for "Ye" in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (May 31, 2018)
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the listening party for “Ye” in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (May 31, 2018)

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This Has To Stop: A little bit of a rant that will try to be blind. Look, I know that this A list reality star made her fame by having a sex tape released. She has created generational wealth for her family and siblings by making a porn. The thing is though, she was legal. Her partner was legal. I don’t think she stresses it enough and I don’t think her significant other stresses it enough. There is an entire generation of tweens and teens out there that think if they hook up with someone famous, they too can be like the reality star or whichever of the siblings they idolize.

The reality star needs to put her foot down when it comes to her significant other. Over the past three months he has not only publicly supported multiple child molesters and sexual assaulters, but given them work and fretted he had not supported them enough. We already knew how he was helping the convicted child molester get work and get publicity and turning a blind eye when more underage girls were bought around. Based on what the rapper did in the past, the significant other must have known what was likely to happen to those two girls. What isn’t known is if the significant other witnessed it and said nothing or just talked himself into the fact they might be legal.

I don’t know where the parents of those two girls are. Maybe they don’t care or maybe they don’t know. I do know there are parents of this Disney actress who is way underage but was having sex with the killed rapper (who regularly beat women) and his friend who were basically preying on her. She is now being preyed on by another man.

I say man and she is underage and in this case her parents don’t care because she is making money. That first friend of the deceased she was raped by is accused of raping another two women. Who supports him and defends him? The significant other of the reality star. The reality star who likes to pretend she stands for women and stands for female empowerment. I don’t see it. I don’t see it at all. The rapist being defended by her significant other is also trying to have sex with a 16 year old girl even though he is under fire for the previous rapes. Where is the mother to the 16 year old? Right there with the 16 year old making sure she says the right thing to the rapist so he will want her and want to be with her.

The mom is doing the same thing with another half dozen rappers/producers for her own gain and she sees the profit potential for her daughter never mind the costs to her mind or body or future. This has to stop.

The reality star needs to stand up to her significant other and say what he is doing is not right. By not doing so, she is enabling. She is showing all the young women out there in the world who look up to her and her siblings that this kind of behavior is OK. It isn’t. She can’t control what her significant other says, but she can call him out when he says or acts or condones this type of behavior. I will get to Drake another day. Oh, and I’m coming for you too Chris Stokes.

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