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The Black Hat/Black People, Your Hypocrisy is Showing Again (Give it a Rest and Leave H&M Alone)!

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*I’m not a big fan of H&M‘s products. 

But it’s not because I think the company is controlled by racists. It’s because I would rather spend my money on clothes that won’t shrink to oblivion after they’ve passed through one cycle in the dryer.

There’s a large contingent of black consumers who aren’t pleased with H&M’s decision to publish an image of a dark-skinned boy wearing one of the company’s hooded sweaters emblazoned with the phrase “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.”  

That’s actually putting it lightly. The correct word to describe how people feel is “pissed.”

But what else is new? This is just another silly example of liberal lunacy disguised as a legitimate protest. 

I’m getting sick and tired of black people crying foul every time they see an image that offends their delicate sensibilities. 

I’m referring to African Americans as “they” because I don’t participate in playing the blame game and I don’t have enough time in my schedule for pity parties. 

I’ll leave these activities to people like Angela Rye and Maxine Waters.

It seems like every few days, Negroes come up with a new reason to get mad. 

Evidently it’s H&M’s turn to feel the wrath of the black community, which means that for the next few days Twitter will be flooded with poorly crafted messages from thousands of enraged Negroes across the country.  

Ironically, for at least the past decade, black people have been wearing images of apes on their clothing. 

Watch my video for more commentary:

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