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Oh Lord’t! Andrew Caldwell Says ‘Kordell Stewart Tried To Shut Down My Credit Cards!’ [Watch]

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*Kordell Stewart is determined to collect on that $3 million judgment from Internet personality Andrew Caldwell.

Stewart denies being involved with Caldwell or any man for that matter.

In his latest video rant (see clip above), Andrew claims Kordell put a hold on his credit cards. He took to social media to elaborate on what happened recently when his card was declined.

“I went in the store on today, and I got excited because I wasn’t going to use my debit card.”

But when told his card was declined…

“Do you know Kordell [Stewart] has shut down all my credit cards?!,” Caldwell says in the Instagram clip below. “But let me tell you something! He gets no joy! He gets no peace! They try to shut down my credit cards, but let me tell you something!”

Watch Andrew’s IG video below:

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He continues, “I had to fax over a letter! I went to the hotel – because I don’t have no fax machine, and I ain’t afraid to say it either! Honey, look at God, they unblocked it! They said I had a garnishment on my credit cards. So now you stealing credit? You stealing credit tonight?”

In case you’re not familiar with their backstory, Stewart filed a civil lawsuit against Caldwell in 2015 after the viral sensation alleged he and Kordell shared a sexual history.

In a radio interview, Caldwell also noted while Stewart was still married to reality star Porsha Williams, the former NFLer would shower Caldwell with expensive gifts. In the suit, Stewart denied all the claims and said he and Andrew never had sexual relations, as he has always been a heterosexual male.

Stewart was eventually awarded $3 million in his civil suit; $1.5 million in general damages and another 1.5 million punitive damages.

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