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Vivica A. Fox on Playing Omarosa in Biopic: ‘That’s Not a Role I Would Play’ [VIDEO]

*Vivica A. Fox wants no part in a potential biopic of Omarosa Manigault Newman but she’s all about reviving her assassin role in “Kill Bill 3.”

When TMZ caught up with Fox and asked her opinion on stepping into the role of the former White House aide, she didn’t hold back and threw a bit of shade in the process.

“No. No, no, no, no,” she quickly said. “No, that’s not a role I would play, fortunately, but I would say that if they do decide to make her movie, it’s definitely full of scandal. Myself, as an actress, I would have no desire to play that.”

Of course, an Omarosa biopic depends on how well her tell-all book sells.

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vivica a. fox - omarosa

“It’s going to depend on how good that book does…,” Fox said. “If it doesn’t [sell], she’ll just have to ride off into the sunset… on a donkey, ’cause she connected herself to an a*s, and when you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.”

Meanwhile, Aunt Viv previously told TMZSports that she’s ALL IN for making a 3rd installment of “Kill Bill” with Ronda Rousey as a co-star.

When she heard Ronda was campaigning to play Uma’s daughter if Quentin Tarantino decides to make ‘KB3’ — Fox LOVED the idea.

“I love Ronda Rousey,” Fox said … “So, you come join the ‘Kill Bill’ franchise, ’cause we love kick-butt chicks and it’s excellent casting for you to play Uma’s daughter.”

“And you can fight my daughter! And then Uma can be in the background talking about throwing blows on it. All right, I think that’s excellent casting.”

‘Hunger Games’ star Amandla Stenberg has already made it clear that she wants to play Viv’s daughter.

Meanwhile, Quentin hasn’t announced any plans to do KB3 anytime in the near future.

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