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One Woman’s Story: From Chronic Illness & Opioid Painkiller Dependency to Thriving Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

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*You read that right. It’s the story of Bethesda, Maryland health entrepreneur, Tiffani Smith, 40. Hers is a story of total transformation and helping thousands of people around the world to heal from the inside out!

Four years ago, the former corporate marketing executive was on her way to work when she experienced a life altering multi-car pileup accident that left her debilitated with head-to-toe chronic nerve damage, pain and inflammation.

After trips to specialists (from neurologists to orthopedists, and beyond), Tiffani, like millions of Americans, was diagnosed with the catch-all “fibromyalgia” and prescribed opioid painkillers. As Tiffani describes, “my entire nervous system was thrown into shock and everywhere hurt.” Soon, a painkiller dependency caused her to spiral.

She could no longer work and had to resign from her job. “Many days I would be in pain or I would take painkillers and just want to sleep. Being high on painkillers all day, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t date. I didn’t want to live like this and I just wanted to die.”

Then, while suffering through the discomforts opioid withdrawal, she began feverishly researching food-based remedies for chronic pain and inflammation, taking note of the healing properties in various foods and herbs.

“I began to use myself as a guinea pig,” explains Tiffani, “mixing various foods and herbs to detox my body and reduce inflammation, and I was taking note of which combinations of ingredients worked and which ones didn’t.”

Tiffani created strategic combinations of foods and herbs right in her own kitchen and began her healing journey using food-based natural remedies. “I was in awe as I watched myself becoming a healthier, functioning human being once again.”

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Now, four years after that horrific car accident, she says she feels 90% back to the person she was pre-car accident, and 100% wiser about her health (left image: in pain and bloated from painkillers and steroids in 2015 to, at right, transformed through using her own NATUREAL products regimen in 2017).

Tiffani’s personal passion project to save herself from chronic unmanageable pain and painkiller dependency transformed into a business – NATUREAL (pronounced nature-real). Tiffani’s NATUREAL brand is a line of uncompromising supplement formulas derived from fruits and herbs that purge toxins, reduce inflammation, and promote health and well-being.

Through extensive research and partnering with top chemists, Tiffani Smith has formulated six distinct products that can be used together, or individually, for optimal health:

natureal body cleanse

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flushes out toxins, heavy metals and harmful chemicals that create a sluggish metabolism, weight gain and disease. It cleans your digestive tract and purifies your organs gently, in a non-intrusive way.



Composed of 40 billion healthy bacteria, clinically documented as some of the heartiest strains known to survive the stomach acid barrier, our probiotics enter your gut where they work to re-establish body and heart health. Our formula also, helps supports reduction of inflammation, abdominal fat and allergies, enable better digestion, food processing, and nutrient absorption.



Our formula promotes thermogenesis and lipolysis, both essential in the science behind weight loss. In addition, our proprietary formula supports digestion, reduces food cravings, and elevates metabolic energy.



A powerful herbal supplement designed to support weight management and body composition. It also contains amino acids that boost energy, detoxify the body, relieve inflammation, and improve

physical and mental performance.



Scientifically blended, Revert Tea is the perfect combination of delicious tea leaves for reducing abdominal fat, cravings and water

retention, while boosting energy levels, increasing metabolic rate and

promoting healthier skin tone.



Our healthy whey consists of vital ingredients that improve the cellular

process, strengthen muscles, heal muscle tissue and elevate

energy. Our whey protein also enhances the metabolism of fat and

carbohydrate, boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure



Having launched in 2016, Tiffani’s NATUREAL line of nutritional supplements has already helped thousands of people around the world to cleanse and detox their bodies, reduce chronic inflammation, up their energy levels, and reach their optimal state of health and wellness.


NATUREAL currently ships their products to customers throughout the United States, UK

Brazil, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Ghana, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain.




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