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AKON Love Triangle-inspired Single ‘Ali Un’ Launches Musical Sexpose’

ali un

*Atlanta GA – The latest hit out of Atlanta gives birth to one of the best kept secrets in the entertainment scene. “Ali Un” is the first single released by former Akon employee and media producer Qn. Everlena. It captures her epic love triangle with two of Hip Hop’s favorite brothers. Who knew Akon and Bu Thiam allegedly would begin Queen’s scandalous sex in the city.

Today she regrets automatically choosing Bu over Akon. The demise of her relationship with Bu led to depression and a series of bad celebrity dating experiences with Ray Lavender (Donald Trump’s Ultimate Merger), DJ Unk (Walk it Out), Lil Bankhead (Streetz 94.5FM), Ferrari Simmons & Fly Guy DC aka Dem 404 Boyz (Streetz 94.5FM) And Desmond Trufant (Atlanta Falcons) allegedly. She accounts the life-changing experiences with each of the Atlanta celebrities in a musical expose’ called “Quon versus Been” #quonvsbeen.

She will be talking about overcoming emotional abuse with music therapy starting in Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year festival, held on the first (also sometimes the second) day of Tishri (in September). It is marked by the blowing of the shofar, and begins the ten days of penitence culminating in Yom Kippur). This also includes her list of atoning demands from each of the Atlanta celebrities in question.

Right now She wants Akon to forgive her for leaving his charity, Konfidence Foundation. “I always assumed his flirting, silly antics, and massages were innocent. Then one day after an encounter, he found me and placed his hands around my neck jokingly. He said I better never leave him. Looking into his eyes, the pupils let me know he had real feelings.” says Queen. Feeling guilty, having met Akon first, she left the company 3 days later without saying good-bye. It was the right move at the time to protect the relationship she already had with Bu. She hopes to finally get to know Akon better as the lyrics account:

“It can be unforgettable
Find your kiss so forgettable
Lips erase pain on my bad days
Hide the devil on my good days”

As for Bu, she made herself very clear last fall. She wants a ring and all the checks, or nothing. No more cyberstalking allegedly. “Bu had 10 years without any real competition. Akon has always given me the attention and confidence I craved. So I owe him a chance knowing I broke his heart. If Bu want me, he gonna have to fight for me now. Stop hiding behind his computer. I been ready.” says Queen, also evident in the following lyrics:

“It can be unforgettable
Find your kiss so forgettable
Makes me forget my first name
Oh what I’d do to have your last name”

Queen originally wrote the song in 2003 for her future soulmate. A romantic, she believed he would hear this song and kiss her on a specific place on her body. That was the sign he was the one. Up until the time of this release, Bu is the only man who has ever kissed her in that place on her body. However, Akon said it was “meant to be” after learning they once lived in the same neighborhood in Miami as kids. “Meant to be” is an actual line in the song. See her dilemma?

“Ali Un” drops on all major online music retailers SEP 9. “Quite like U” also inspired by Bu drops OCT 9, while “Bad Aura” (pronounced ba-da-ra) inspired by Akon drops NOV 9. A portion of proceeds benefit the QEB Foundation giving efforts in Africa, like school renovations, clean water, and health aide. Queen wants to finish the work in Africa she started with Akon’s Konfidence Foundation. Fans can NOW get an advance copy by donating at or buying a $10 scholarship raffle ticket. Prizes include $300, $200, and $100 CASH with a $1000 Grand Prize Winner who gets to nominate a student for a $1000 scholarship. Drawing will take place on @qebfoundation Instagram Live AUG 9 at 9PM ET.

Fans can also vote if Queen should be with Akon or Bu Thiam on instagram: @qneverlena. “Ali Un” featuring Kimi Couture was produced by Queen and Mantra, with Josh Sneed on guitars. She dedicates the song to all her influencers: Mor Thiam, Trellaney Fobbs (nee Gardener), Gloria Estefan, Sade, Tina Turner, Lauryn Hill, Olga Tanon, Lil Kim, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Debarge, Switch, and Hi-Five.

To request advance copy, single release party, or more info contact media relations at QEB: 404-532-9232





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