Sunday, May 22, 2022

That’s Right, Blame Obama for Trump’s Family Separation Crisis

obama stop deportations

*First, Attorney General Jeff Sessions did the predictable on the family separation crisis. He blamed former President Obama. In fact, he blamed him twice.

He slammed him for his supposed wishy-washy enforcement of immigration laws that allegedly sent a signal that the U.S. has the welcome mat out for anyone who can get across the border.

Then he turned around and slammed him for being so tough on enforcement that families were detained, prosecuted and in the process, separated.

Trump wasted no time doing one better. He lambasted Obama for the immigration and family separation debacle and took a big shot at the Democrats for allegedly torpedoing a GOP immigration bill that supposedly would solve the problem.

A huge part of the bill entails squandering billions of dollars on his pet obsession, namely a border wall.

Trump and Session’s finger-point at Obama for the immigration, and more specifically the family separation, mess is nothing new.

The Obama blame game actually started as far back as the 2008 presidential election when GOP Presidential candidate John McCain claimed that Obama helped squash an immigration reform bill in the Senate in June 2007.

McCain, as Trump and Sessions, got it partly right, but only partly, and for naked, raw and brutal political self-serving political reasons. In 2007, Obama voted for five amendments that were dubbed “poison pill” amendments.

The Amendments lowered the visa quota for guest workers, put a severe time limit on the temporary guest worker program, and the temporary worker visa programs, revised the…………..(READ MORE)




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