Saturday, July 2, 2022

Kanye’s Handlers Blame Prescription Meds for His ‘Slavery is a Choice’ Comment


*Troubled rapper Kanye West may be permanently stuck in the #sunkenplace but he ain’t THAT crazy.

In other words… Mr. Kardhasian will NEVER say the holocaust was a choice, he doesn’t want that financial backlash. Plus, he knows who he can get away with sh*tting on = black folks.

So when he said “slavery was a choice,” not only was he acutely aware of the fury and conversation it would ignite but also that it would motivate black folks will STILL line up to buy ANYTHING he promotes… just to be further glamoured with more of his non-sensical “Free Thought” rhetoric.

Meanwhile, Kris Jenner and her cohort Harvey Levin of TMZ claim Kanye is not taking his meds, and people close to him (the Kardashians) believe some of the comments he made on “TMZ Live” yesterday were a result of that.

Kanye himself said he was shunning doctors who ordered him to take 3 pills a day because it seriously messed with his mind, so he’s now taking 1 or 2 a week.

After his explosive moment on TMZ, Kanye hit up social media to tweet: “the reason why I brought up the 400 years point is because we can’t be mentally imprisoned for another 400 years. We need free thought now. Even the statement was an example of free thought … It was just an idea.”

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According to TMZ, Kanye’s meds have been problematic … doctors aren’t even sure what works and what doesn’t, and they, along with Ye’s handlers, Kris and Kim Kardashian, can’t control him.

Meanwhile, Dr. Oz sees a huge red flag when it comes to Kanye’s prescription meds … and believes he’s playing a very dangerous game.

When TMZ caught with Oz in NYC Wednesday morning, he reacted to Kanye revealing he got hooked on opioids after having liposuction. He says the rapper is lucky to be alive, but if Mr. Kardashian continues to drastically reduce the dosage of medication he’s been prescribed, Oz fears he’s headed for disaster.

Peep the clip above.

In related news, Matt Barnes has also weighed in on Kanye’s appearance on “TMZ Live” — including Yeezy’s reaction to Daz Dillinger’s recent call for the Crips to “f*** up Kanye.”

“You gotta be careful,” Barnes said … “They don’t play out here with gangs so you’re treading on thin ice.”

Barnes also reacted to Kanye’s confession about getting liposuction — and says it shows Kanye is “not in a comfortable, secure place as a man.”

Barnes says a lot of Kanye’s rants — from Trump to his views on slavery — are “bullsh*t” — but he believes the old Mr. West can still be saved.

“I know that man is in him still.”

Hear Matt’s reaction to Kanye’s latest PR stunt/mental breakdown via the clip above.

Meanwhile, black folks are mad at Kanye’s white wife for not doing more to educate her delusional black male pet on Black history. But Kim is too busy distracting us from Yeezy’s hot mess by pretending to be an advocate for a black woman who’s incarcerated on drug charges.

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