Thursday, January 20, 2022

Michelle Williams: Tariq Nasheed Claims Singer’s Fiancé is a White Supremacist

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Chad Johnson and Michelle Williams
Austin and Nicole Barkis / Barkis and Co.

*Michelle Williams announced last week that she has finally found true love with pastor Chad Johnson, and she gave PEOPLE the scoop about their engagement. 

But according to startling new allegations, Johnson is a White Christian minister whose congregation is almost exclusively Black.

Cue activist Tariq Nasheed, who did some digging into Chad’s background and exposed his ties to White Supremacists.

Below are pics of his family members – who have ties to radical “pro-Trump” groups. They also support the controversial “We Stand Movement” – which believes Black athletes should not speak out against systematic racism and corrupt police officers.

According to Media Takeout, below is the evidence Tariq provided to support the allegations. 

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Tariq looked into some of Chad’s “ministry” and found that Johnson once made Black kids serve breakfast to cops.

Folks on social media are understandably disturbed with the imagery of Black children being made to “serve” mostly White officers (with firearms).

Tariq also made a 1-hour video about the Waffle House terrorist attack and Chad Johnson.

And he had this to say to Michelle:

Michelle [Williams[], do you know what you’re getting into? I know it’s hard out here . . . but is it that bad. Do we need to get you out of the sunken place? Do you know what kind of family you’re marrying into?

Your [fiance] is team White Supremacy.


Ny MaGee
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  1. Ridiculous that this guy who fiancee is a white supremacist.
    HELLO, he’s marry this black lady!
    Lazy journalism at the best or maybe no concept of what white
    Supremacist ideology is or both!
    He ‘s most certainly a race traitor. No doubt on that…….

  2. This isn’t even worthy of an article. At any rate religious institutions are known for having their youth groups submit to police. So nothing knew!!!! Let’s talk about real problems via celebrity life…


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