Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Game Accused Of Failing to Pay $7M Judgment In Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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The Game and Priscilla Rainey
The Game and Priscilla Rainey

*The Game has allegedly failed to pay his court ordered $7 million judgment in his sexual assault case.

The rapper, real name Jayceon Taylor, was sued for $10 million by Priscilla Rainey, a contestant on his 2015 VH1 reality series “She’s Got Game,” in which women competed for his affection. She claims The Game assaulted her while filming a scene in a Los Angeles bar.

He lost the case in late 2016 and a $7 million default judgment was handed down in Rainey’s favor. But she has yet to see a dime, according to new documents filed on March 1.

Rainey asks a judge to hold him in civil contempt for refusing to comply with the judgment, according to The Blast:

Rainey has allegedly conducted her own investigation into The Game’s financial situation using third parties and claims to have evidence that he is diverting millions of dollars in income to avoid having to pay up. She claims she’s tried multiple times to obtain his financial records from his legal team, with no avail, and is now asking a judge to make him appear in court and testify about his income and assets.

Shortly after the judgment was ordered, The Game took to Instagram and wrote, “That thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite WILL NEVER see $10,000,000 or anything close 2 a penny of my money… this broad ain’t gettin s**t ! Every girl on that show will tell u I never touched this chick or ever desired to be anywhere near her.

“She got kicked off the show & as a result she filed this lame lawsuit which was probably her intentions before the show was ever even started (sic).”

He filed an appeal over the ruling, and also launched a lawsuit against officials at network Viacom, accusing them of failing to vet contestants and not protecting him against Rainey. He wants them to cover the costs of the judgment as well as pay him $13 million in damages.

At the time of his filing, Viacom officials said the rapper is “seeking to shift the burden of his damages to Viacom through a misdirected legal action that is totally without merit.” They are seeking a dismissal of the lawsuit.




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