Friday, May 24, 2024

WATCH as Mo’Kelly Gets HEATED on CNN International Re: Charlottesville (VIDEO)

mokelly - cnn intl debate on charlottesville

*We heard from our good friend Morris O’Kelly A/K/A Mo’Kelly who put in another appearance on CNN International last night where things got real heated, he says.

“This was revisionist history in action as I debated noted Trump supporter Gina Loudon over the history of the Confederacy, why “Confederate soldiers were Democrats” also why “Dr. King never asked for any statues to be taken down” and how African-Americans supposedly care more today about the number of jobs President Trump has created instead of the events of Charlottesville.

“I welcome you to the twilight zone but with one admonition. Please sit down while watching this video and do not hold hot liquid while watching.”

Hold on. Mo has mo’ fo’ ya:

“Watch ALL the way to the end (in two parts). This is a PERFECT example of not only revisionist history but blatant denial of verifiable facts. Some things simply aren’t political. Some things are NOT about Right and Left but right and wrong. This was also about right and righteousness. If you can’t approach these issues with an understanding of them which falls OUTSIDE a political prism, then you are ill-prepared to have this discussion.”

We’ve seen it and Mo’Kelly is right. Watch in amazement. I was HEATED.


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