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Tips on How to Help Your Children Understand Tragedy (Watch)

*What about the children?  How do we explain this to them? These are no doubt some of the questions on any parents mind in light of the recent mass shootings in Las Vegas.

With the wide media coverage and access to Internet, there is little doubt your child, if he or she is old enough to understand, has been cushioned against hearing about all of the killings and injuries.

Two child psychologists speak on how to talk to children about tragedy and provide guidance on approaching this delicate subject.

Here are some tips they shared.

#Age Matters

Dr. Jennifer L. Hartstein, a psychologist, says first consider the age of the child. If they are very young, they may not need to know anything.

“But if they do ask questions be mindful to only answer what is asked,” she adds, saying that as adults we tend to over-talk and bombard them with too much information.

If your child is a teen or tween she suggests you check out what they’re looking at on social media.

What do they know already?

“A lot of information is coming out through Snap chat, Instagram. They may not know how to process it all, so have them show you what they’re looking at and really pay attention and talk about it with them openly.”

If they ask ‘Why did this happen?’…

Why? This is a question your child may ask. Heck, its a question we as adults are still asking. I take it the doctor doesn’t think this is the best time to play superhero know-it-all. Dr. Hartstein says sometimes the simplest (and truest) answer may be best.

“Just say I don’t know…Or maybe say, sometimes people make really bad choices and do bad things. Our job as your parents is to keep you safe.”

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