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Shannon Sharpe: NFL Wants Kaepernick to ‘Bow Down, Kiss the Ring’ and Beg Forgiveness (WATCH)

Colin Kaepernick

*It’s a little hard to believe that in about 60 days or so we’ll be at the beginning of a new NFL season and unfortunately Colin Kaepernick most likely still won’t have a job.

The answer is clear and it’s not diminishing skills hold him back, but rather his decision to kneel in protest of the National Anthem that garnered a bunch of unwanted attention.

On Monday’s edition (07-03-17) of the “Undisputed,” Shannon Sharpe responded to comments from John Lynch about how Kaepernick has an ‘image crisis’ and he needs to do an interview to tell teams that he wants to play football.

Well, that’s all Sharpe needed to hear to argue effectively that teams really want Kaepernick to bow down, apologize, and basically kiss their asses in order to be accepted back into the league.


Meanwhile, because of Kaepernick stance on racism and police brutality, Dr. Harry Edwards went as far as to say he’s this generation’s Muhammad Ali, and Shannon Sharpe agrees:

“I’ve said this, and I do agree because I believe in 15, 20, 50 years from now, history will look fondly upon Colin Kaepernick and the stance that he took for the betterment of minorities. See, people have a hard time looking at Colin Kaepernick as a Dr. King, as a Muhammed Ali, or as a Ms. Rosa Parks because they’re looking at these iconic figures 50 years after the fact.

“But I can assure you that when Ms. Parks did what she did, I think in 1955, I’m sure there were some blacks in her very community that said, ‘Why wouldn’t she give up her seat? She had given up her seat so many times before, why is she causing a scene now?’

“Just like they said about Colin Kaepernick, ‘This police brutality has been going on, why now?’ I’m sure when Muhammad Ali took the stance that he took — and Dr. Harry Edwards was one of the organizers of the Black Summit, of the prominent black athletes that came together to show their support for Muhammad Ali — they asked, ‘Why wouldn’t he go fight?’ And Muhammad Ali asked, ‘Why am I going to go kill some Vietkong? They’re not here turning their dogs on me. They’re not firing water hoses on me, but you want me to go over there and kill them?’ ”


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