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Coi Leray ‘Wants Nothing to Do’ with Benzino After R. Kelly Comments | WATCH

*Have you ever pondered the peculiarity of having to call a dimwit “Dad?” Unfortunately, rapper Coi Leray lives this reality and has decided that enough is enough, decisively disconnecting from her father, Benzino, after he endorsed the notorious R. Kelly.

This unraveling of familial threads was triggered by Benzino’s interview on the “We In Miami” podcast, where he was questioned about the potential for R. Kelly’s societal reentry. ‘Zino, advocating for grace, suggested that second chances are a universal right, reaching into history to juxtapose Elvis Presley’s infamous relationship with the youthful Priscilla Beaulieu as an argument in Kelly’s favor.

While Benzino refrained from endorsing sexual interaction with minors, he harbored doubts about the fairness of a three-decade-long sentence for R. Kelly. Coi Leray, in sharp contrast, aligned with the collective voice of dissent against her father’s sentiments.

“I want everybody to know I want nothing to do with anything my father has going on,” Coi expressed emphatically in her social media revelation. Her words drew a line in the sand, emphasizing a personal disassociation that had spanned over a year from her father’s public positions and interviews. “I don’t respect his decisions and I really want nothing to do with him please don’t even think of me when you see him.”

Benzino and daughter Coi Leray
Coi Leray and her father, Benzino in better times / Twitter

Coi expanded on the notion of kinship being more than genetic, saying, “Sharing the same DNA and blood DOESN’T make us FAMILY.”

She painted a picture of authentic familial connection, highlighting the essence of “Loyalty, boundaries, respect, teaching, guidance, love, patience, encouragement” as the keystones that constitute a true family.

The friction between Coi Leray and Benzino isn’t a concealed chapter; their discord has flared openly in the past. They once shared a bond that now appears irreparably fractured, indicating that Coi has no intention of mending fences with Benzino in the foreseeable future.

And while Benzino’s perspectives may stir debate, they hold no sway over R. Kelly’s fate. The singer’s future is sealed within the walls of a North Carolina prison until the year 2045, following his conviction on multiple counts of child pornography and illicit acts with a minor.

Even a flicker of hope through an appeal could not overturn his sentence, which will see his 20-year Chicago sentence run concurrently with his longer New York sentence for racketeering.

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