Monday, June 24, 2024

Port Arthur Hurricane Harvey Evacuee Moved to FEMA Barge Not Feeling it: ‘I’m Not a Fish, I’m Not a Crab’ (WATCH)

*Because of Hurricane Harvey, there are some homeless people in Port Arthur, Texas that are thrilled about the temporary housing FEMA has hooked up for them.

They’re not happy because the housing FEMAfound for them are barges. Yes, 3-story barges that are capable of housing hundreds of Hurricane Harvey evacuees.

One of those displaced people is Gwendolyn Donahue. She is currently staying at a Red Cross shelter and doesn’t like the idea of living on one of the boats.

She was rescued from her home during Harvey then transported from shelter to shelter. She said the last thing she wants to do is live on a barge on the water.

“I will say again, I’m not a fish, I’m not a crab, and I’m not a shrimp because I don’t know nothing about being on a boat,” said Donahue.

We hate to say it, but beggars can’t be choosy. Yes, it’s sh*tty and it sucks, but at least you have a roof over your head. It also comes with 3-meals a day and satellite TV, even though the barges look like multi-story floating prisons.

Meanwhile, County Judge Jeff Branick said FEMA and the “Texas Division of Emergency Management” are looking at other options for temporary housing such as mobile homes, trailers and shelters.

Patricia Mooney, another evacuated resident said she would not mind living on a barge.

“It’s a nice place to regroup, get yourself together you know, give it a try you don’t know until you try,” said Mooney.


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