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Meet the Cast from VH1’s New Miami-Based Series: ‘Baller Wives’

*VH1’s Baller Wives follows the lives of some of Miami’s most lavish and well-known personalities, and the drama that follows them.

The show, which premieres on Monday, August 14th at 10PM ET/PT, “highlights these pro athletes and their wives as they navigate love, family, business and balling in the world where relationships are complicated and the competition between neighbors is thick.”

Baller wife Aja Crowder says you should tune into the series because “It’s just drama, it’s fun, and it’s real relationships.”

Her hubby Channing Crowder says that the drama is “going to be dealt with like adults, like married people with children.”

Peep the sneak preview above and meet some of the ballers and their wives below.

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baller wives
Michael Vick and his wife Kijafa.

Kijafa and her now retired pro-quarterback husband Michael Vick have been married since 2012 and have two beautiful daughters and a new baby on the way, per VH1.com.

Vick has this to say of how he met his wife: “Long story short: I bagged her. That’s all that matters.”

baller wives
Aja and her husband Channing Crowder.

Aja is married to Channing Crowder who played as a linebacker for Miami and is now a sports radio host. This couple find themselves in the middle of the drama with Miko after she is fired from the radio station where Channing works.

Miko Grimes, wife of Tampa Bay cornerback Brent Grimes, is restarting her career after recently being let go from her long running sports radio show. She and Brent have a son together and have been married for seven years.

baller wives
Kelly and Julius Jones

Kelly and husband Julius Jones have been married for eight years and have two sons together. A former Dallas running back, Julius is adamantly against his sons playing football, much to the boys’ dismay.

baller wives
Asante and Jeniva Samuel

Jeniva finds her husband, two-time champion Asante Samuel, eager to start a new career as a boxer. With professional football behind him, Jeniva thought her years of worrying about Asante’s safety were over.

cast photo
Photo source: Twitter.com

VH1.com also notes that the cast includes Stacey and Chris Chambers, “a retired wide receiver for Miami, are happily married and expecting their second child. Big believers on taking an unconventional approach, Stacey finds herself in a heated disagreement with Kijafa and has formed her own alliances within the circle.”

“Crystal is best friends with Stacey and Miko and she confides in them daily. After a rough break up with her ex, Crystal is a young mother, newly single and eager to jump back into the dating world.”

“Former video vixen, model and self-proclaimed party girl Emmaly is hopelessly looking for love in one of the hottest dating scenes in the country. She is a single mother of two and co-parents one child with her famous ex.”

“Megan is married to a professional basketball player who plays overseas in Turkey while she lives in Miami with the couple’s two daughters. Will Megan be able to continue living solo in Miami or will she need her husband to forgo returning abroad for the new season?”

“Baller Wives” begins August 14th. Will you be wathcing?


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