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Joycelyn Savage Claims Dad ARRANGED Meeting with R. Kelly; Films 2nd Video Denying ‘Cult’ Claims

Joycelyn Savage
Joycelyn Savage

*Joycelyn Savage, one of the young women whose parents accuse R. Kelly of holding them in an “abusive cult,” according to a BuzzFeed article and a press conference Monday, has posted a second video claiming that she is not being held against her will and asking her parents to leave her alone.

Also, TMZ is reporting that Savage’s father, Timothy Savage, “knows EXACTLY who got her involved with R. Kelly, and how she ended up living with the singer … because she claims her dad helped orchestrate the whole thing.”

Joycelyn’s first video denying BuzzFeed’s “cult” allegations was filmed indoors in a location she refused to disclose, prompting speculation on social media that perhaps the article is true, despite her denials. Watch below:

The second video, however, was shot outdoors, with Savage sitting on a park bench and speaking in a slightly less stilted manner than the first.

“Dad, you know everything that’s going on with the media and the Internet and what you have done is a complete disaster,” she said. “You need to stop, because right now I am fed up with everything you are doing. You’re embarrassing me and the whole entire family.”

She also alludes to an incident that apparently took place shortly before she went to meet Kelly.

“Honestly, you know the situation that had happened that night when I went to meet R. Kelly,” she said. “I would like for you—matter of fact, I would love for you to stop what you’re doing, because I can’t believe you even went this far.”

According to TMZ’s sources:

“Timothy was on board with his daughter going to live with Kelly almost two years ago after Joycelyn and Kelly met at a concert. We’re told the eventual plan — hatched by Dad, R. Kelly and others — was for Joycelyn to stay at Kelly’s house to develop as a singer under his tutelage. We’re told Timothy was the one who dropped her off at a friend’s house to be driven to Kelly’s. Our sources say Timothy knew Joycelyn would stay with Kelly for some extended period — perhaps months — but had no idea it would be for years. As Joycelyn first told us … it’s been about six months since she’s seen her family in person — but she’s telling friends her dad knows her exact whereabouts. She’s refused to reveal her location to us.

Watch Savage’s new video below:

In a video released Tuesday morning, Timothy challenged Kelly to sue him “so everybody can see your dirty laundry.”

At Monday’s press conference he said he would present evidence of the family’s claims against the singer within “the next two to five days.”

Watch below:

In a statement released through an attorney late Monday, Kelly was said to be “both alarmed and disturbed at the recent revelations attributed to him” and that he “unequivocally denies such allegations.”


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