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Bill Cosby Juror Says Andrea Constand Didn’t Dress Like A Victim

andrea constand & bill cosby

*Another juror from the recent Bill Cosby trial is speaking out. The unidentified juror from the sexual assault trial spoke to the Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday (06-22-17).

The juror basically said he wasn’t feeling the comedian’s accuser, Andrea Constand, and believes whatever might have unfolded between the two was consensual.

While speaking under the condition of anonymity the unnamed juror admitted, the impression he got of Constand during her testimony was that of a woman who had been “well coached.”

As far as he was concerned, it appeared as though the former Temple University administrator’s mother put her up to filing the heinous charges. Meanwhile, to him, Cosby “was extremely honest,” he said, adding curiously that “he admitted to things.”

Coupled with some of the other perspectives he confessed to developing from testimony and evidence in the trial, some are now accusing the juror of blaming someone they believe to be a victim, for her alleged assault.

“Let’s face it: She went up to his house with a bare midriff and incense and bath salts. What the heck?” he reportedly told the Inquirer. He went on to point out that she should have “dressed properly,” and “left the incense in the store.”

The bottom line is that the juror never explicitly states whether he voted in favor of or against a conviction on any of the charges, but he did tell the Inquirer that he think there should be a retrial.


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