Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Activist Najee Ali Says NFLers Basically Gave ‘Massa’ Trump the Finger

donald trump - alabama

*Najee Ali of the National Action Network, who’s been championing a boycott of the NFL over banning of Colin Kaepernick, has some thoughts regarding Donald Trump’s divisive comments to NFL players and teams.

“Trump actually helped amplify our NFL protests with his bombastic comments. For one, on Sunday (09-24-17) at least he helped unify the NFL … its owners and players as hundreds of them protested in some manner during the playings of the national anthem, essentially giving Trump the middle finger.

“Trump’s statement was reminiscent of “massa” on the slave plantation. Not a President – when the slaves – in this instance, the NFL players, got too uppity

“‘Massa’ would threaten them. And in this case, Trump must have thought he was a modern day massa in Alabama with the comments he made concerning NFL players … and forgot that the NFL is over 70% black.

“Those black players and many of (the team) owners defied Massa Trump, in essence telling him to kiss their collective ass. Trump’s attacks on black athletes is a losing battle he can never win. NBA star Stephen Curry and many NFL players have their own social media accounts and thousands of loyal fans across the nation.

“Trump’s attacks on sports stars just makes him look even more weak. Trump basically proved that Kaepernick is unemployed because he decided to protest the unjust killings of black men, woman and children by police, nationwide with no convictions.”


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