Friday, August 19, 2022

Why Wendy Williams Thinks Azealia Banks is a Prostitute (Watch)

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*Wendy Williams threw herself into the fresh beef between Remy Ma and Azealia Banks during Hot Topics on Tuesday (Dec. 12), and it became immediately clear whose side she’s on.

“I’m still trying to figure out who is Azealia Banks,” Williams said as her audience howled.

The issue between Banks and Remy started when Banks commented on Remy’s comments about how rap has changed since she was released from prison in 2014.

“When I came home, it was nothing,” Remy told Hot 97 last week. “It was tumbleweeds blowing through as far as female artists in rap is concerned.”

Banks, 26, unleashed a relentless barrage of clapback on social media, claiming Ma, 37, isn’t important to female rap and is nothing more than a reality star (Ma appears on “Love & Hip Hop”).

Remy responded by posting screenshots of stalker-like texts Banks sent her seeking advice…both for her professional career and her private life. The texts showed that Banks even asked Remy about vaginal rejuvenation.

That’s when Wendy put two and two together and suggested that Banks must sell her body for cash.

“If you’re wore out at 26 and you’ve got no kids, now we understand how she gets her money,” Wendy said with a wink. “She works hard for her money.”

“She’s wack,” she concluded. “This is a big beef, though. She went real hard at Remy and Remy is still winning.”

Watch Wendy’s Remy Ma/Azealia Banks segment in the video above.




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