Sunday, October 2, 2022

SPOTLIGHT ON… Angela Robinson Witherspoon: Actress, Director and Celebrity Wife (Watch)!

Angela Robinson Witherspoon

*(Updated)”Black women filmmakers are having a kind of moment now.” These oh-so-true words are from the mouth of one of them. Filmmaker, actress, producer and yes, celebrity wife — Angela Robinson Witherspoon has been married to actor John Witherspoon (‘Friday’) “forever” she muses at one point.

She even appeared in film with Witherspoon prior to becoming his wife! Check her IMBD, where she plays the fellow passenger to his blind character in a film called, ‘Kidnapped’. It looks hilarious.

We’ve seen her on the small screen (Criminal Minds, ‘Ugly Betty,’ and , feature films (Robert Townsend’s ‘Meteor Man,’ ‘Terminator III,’ ‘Sister Code’ and the upcoming film, ‘Hold On,’)  and in theatre, too, in a diverse palette of roles. Her latest offering puts her in the director’s chair; where she works with her longtime friend, writer and producer, Ronnie Grant, in his self-penned autobiographical piece, ‘Curtsy Mister’: The Story of a Young Boy Trapped in a Pair of Slingbacks.’

Grant’s story looks like a fascinating one! Raised in the projects in New York City, he grew to work with the likes of Diana Ross, Cher and Miles Davis and became the very first male Fashion Editor of Essence Magazine.

I’ve only seen the movie trailer as of this writing, but from my research its clear audiences are reacting favorably during Q&A’s at screenings. The documentary also accepted the award for ‘Best Documentary’ at the Studio City Film Festival, and has since been invited to screen at Martha’s Vineyard.

With all of this going on, I saw no greater talent to introduce in the new ‘SPOTLIGHT ON’ series than with this fiercely awesome and versatile actor/director/producer: Angela Robinson Witherspoon.

Read the interview and watch the movie trailer at EURThisNthat.





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