Sunday, January 17, 2021

Oprah Winfrey Debuts Tonight on ’60 Minutes’; Will Explore a ‘Divided’ Nation (WATCH)

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*It’s about to go down … tonight! We’re talking about Oprah Winfrey‘s debut on CBS’s vaunted and legendary news magazine, “60 Minutes.”

Along with Oprah joining the show, tonight will be the 50th season premiere of the venerable news program.

“BIG night,” she tweeted Sunday, alongside a clip from the episode. “My FIRST segment on @60Minutes — watch with me. Tweet, tweet.”

Winfrey’s inaugural segment is titled “Divided,” and in the clip she asks a panel of Americans with different political views to “look into your crystal ball” about the future of the nation. “By the time of the next presidential election, are we more likely to have come together?” she asks. “Will we have sought common ground?

Winfrey, who first appeared as a subject on 60 Minutes in 1986, announced that she was joining the show in January. She told EW that her White House farewell interview with Michelle Obama partly inspired her to do so.

“Something happened in that room,” Winfrey said, adding that 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager had previously asked her to join the network. “I missed the connection to the people — where you get to hear both sides and get people to listen to each other. I want to help create a platform where people on all sides can be heard.”

“60 Minutes” airs tonight (09-24-17) and every Sunday at 7p/6p central on CBS.




  1. I take exception to the assumption that we were not divided when Obama was elected. I did not vote for Obama but I accepted my co-citizen’s choice and let his presidency run its course without lambasting him at every turn. I hate the media’s attack on Trump at every turn.

  2. I’m open to be guided, this is my personal opinion until them. Like children we are spared the details of some adult behavior and conversations, I say, ‘don’t rape the children of their childhood, let them be kids and enjoy happy dreams’. As we become adults the internet has opened us to so many who share their opinions, their views which could sometimes be overbearing. When you have so many sharing you become burden, sometimes confused which happens to the most of us even thought we think not. As we hear the opinion of so many we become verbal adding to the noise in the market, confused even more. This is why many countries shared less publically ‘back in the day’. This is why we have leaders because our strengths are different, our gifts are different and should be guided as such. Medical doctors do not advise on finance, leaders lead and managers drive and so forth. The earth need less plastic, when discovered we thought it was the best think since slice bread. Now technology is the best but also damaging. I experienced a hurricane last year and without power for 5 weeks I realized its the same amount of time in the day as when I was 13 years old, time is not racing. Its technology that’s stealing our time. Its said technology is helping us grow, yes it sure is, ‘grow old alone’ because we are so busy doing so much more, before we know, its another day with even more things to do. We allow technology to steal our time, our social respect and our love which is sharing and I see less sharing and more alone time. We need to address our emotions to deal with the way technology is racing because there is trouble ahead. Leaders, do your thing, let us lead and make decisions weather we are liked or not but we must do it respectfully so when reflected on in years to come, we are remembered in a good way having done good things.

  3. Shelly….why in the heck would you write that loooong novel????? Nobody has time to read that!!! Trump sympathizer, you can eat a fat one.


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