Sunday, May 29, 2022

Jackie Christie Talks About Estranged Daughter Takari Lee on The Breakfast Club (Watch)

Jackie Christie
Jackie Christie

*Jackie Christie took to The Breakfast Club Tuesday to set the record straight about her estranged daughter Takari Lee.

The “Basketball Wives: L.A.” star came for co-star Evelyn Lozada for donating to a GoFundMe page created to assist Lee with medical bills for her son, who was badly burned at a daycare center.

As shown throughout the season, Christie felt Lozada’s donation was a lowkey accusation that Jackie was unable to provide for her daughter and grandson.

Christie told The Breakfast Club that Evelyn didn’t know Takari before the donation. Jackie also said that she didn’t know why her daughter was estranged.

“It’s her choice. I love her, I mean I love all my kids I’ve always spoiled them. They’ve always lived the privileged life. And it ain’t about the material things…”

Asked if Takari’s issues with her stem from the fact that she is the only sibling whose biological father is not Doug Christie, Jackie said: “That’s what she feels, but it’s never been. It’s unfortunate Takari feels that way. I’ll keep loving her. I’m her mother. I’m not gonna throw her under the bus. There’s a lot I could do to dispel all of this, but it would be putting her out there.”

Watch below:

@jackiechristie explains her side of the story when it comes to the drama between her and her daughter @takari_lee

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