Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Chance the Rapper Joins $2 Million Funding Challenge to Aid Chicago Youth

Chance the Rapper and Liz Dozier of Chicago Beyond (Facebook Live)
Chance the Rapper and Liz Dozier of Chicago Beyond (Facebook Live)

STORY UPDATED to clarify applicant rules.

*Chance the Rapper continues his quest to support the education of disadvantaged youth in his Chicago hometown with his latest move.

On the heels of his $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools, the artist on Wednesday (June 14) announced his participation in the Go Innovation Challenge in coordination with the Chicago Beyond philanthropy fund that seeks creative ideas that will allow Chicago’s youth to thrive.

Chicago Beyond’s Liz Dozier joined Chance to announce the $2 million challenge from her organization, explaining “we’re looking for amazing ideas, programs, approaches to support Chicago’s kids.”

Chance described it as “sort of like a think tank of ideas” where participants are encouraged to send in a 90-second video pitch for a chance to earn one of “multiple” sets of $2 million to implement their plans to make Chicago better.

In order to be considered, an applicant must:

*Have been in existence (or be working with a nonprofit organization that has been in existence) for at least three years
*Provide a new approach or way of solving a complex issue facing Chicago’s youth
*Work with young people between the ages of 13 to 25 years old
*Be willing to work with Chicago Beyond and a research partner to learn from and grow their work
*Produce audited financial reports for the last three years (only if invited to the Formal Review Process)
*Note: Chicago Beyond will not invest in individuals, benefits, annual campaigns, private schools or private research

During a Facebook Live session on the initiative, Chance encouraged submissions, saying participants don’t have to be from Chicago. “If we think it’s applicable and it works we’ll fully fund the idea and see how many people we can help,” he said, reading a question from one viewer who asked if opening a free recording studio would be a good idea. [Yes, it would.] “We would love to fund them as long as they positively affect the city of Chicago.”

Go to the Chicago Beyond website to submit your idea. The deadline for submissions is July 7.

Watch the video announcement below:




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