Saturday, May 28, 2022

Bill Cosby Criminal Trial and How it Connects with the Legacy of ‘The Cosby Show’ Explained (Video)

Attorney and Emmy nominated film producer Antonio Moore discusses the Bill Cosby criminal trial. He details the general layout of the case, and gives an overview of the surrounding facts.

Moore then includes a larger critique into how Cosby’s action effect the legacy of his ground breaking TV sitcom “The Cosby Show.”

Antonio Moore’s Huffington Post piece “Cosby Show Dreams and African American Financial Realities” (Read Here)

As we look back at the show and its influence, we begin to perform a critique that is long overdue. I will say undoubtedly it is my belief that the show’s legacy is one that reaches all the way to the White House. I agree with Oprah’s statements, “we probably wouldn’t have the president we have in the White House right now had there not been the Bill Cosby show. Because the Bill Cosby show introduced America to a way of seeing black people…”
Yet, despite this positive impact on the exceptional black individuals’ acceptance into white America’s psyche, it may have done the opposite for America’s ability to relate to the average black family’s struggles that resulted from a legacy of Jim Crow and slavery. For a generation of white Americans that had little contact with black America in daily life, the apathy Thursday nights with the Huxtables created toward the experience of black struggle has been understated. The idea that if Cliff Huxtable did it you can too rang loudly in expectations of black progress





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