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Ben Carson: Public Housing Shouldn’t Be Comfortable for Poor People

public housing
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*Former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is proving to be an incompetent and insensitive Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, as many expected.

Apparently there’s been “an atmosphere of paranoia and guardedness that has enveloped HUD since Trump’s inauguration,” according to a former HUD official under Barack Obama, Next City reports.

Since the neurosurgeon was sworn in as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development on March 2, it seems we’ve barely heard a peep from him as he embarks on policy for federally subsidized living,

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public housing
Source: Twitter

An explosive New York Times report reveals that Carson recently made statements that suggest public housing shouldn’t be a comfortable place to live.

“A comfortable setting…would make somebody want to say: ‘I’ll just stay here. They will take care of me,’” said Carson, while on a trip to visit facilities around some of the poorest areas of Detroit, Dallas, Miami and Ohio earlier this week.

Carson also made several remarks about downgrading facilities — at one point stating that a complex reserved for veterans lacked “only pool tables.”

He also praised an official at a homeless shelter for stacking “dozens of bunk beds inside,” and purposely depriving the quarters of televisions.

“We have some people who are mentally ill. We have some elderly and disabled people. We can’t expect in many cases those people to do a great deal to take care of themselves,” Carson is reported as stating, before adding that, “There is another group of people who are able-bodied individuals, and I think we do those people a great disservice when we simply maintain them.”

As expected, the remarks have incensed many, who believe such an outlook simply hurts those that Carson has been tasked with helping.

You can read the full NY Times report here.



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  1. I don’t rock with the Trumpy crowd but I lived in public housing for 17 years until I was thrown out. We party’d on Tuesday like it was Friday. We was very comfortable, all the food I wanted, woke up after 11am every day. Free cable, free cell. Drank wine at noon.Thats why I have diabetes now. Maybe he should change a few things.


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