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‘Baby Boy’ Sequel Confirmed by Tyrese – Foxy Brown Booed by Fans in Philly (WATCH)

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*Read on to learn why Foxy Brown‘s getting the Lauryn Hill treatment . But first, if you’re a fan of the 2001 film “Baby Boy” starring then relatively unknown newcomers Tyrese Gibson and Taraji P. Henson, get ready for some good news.

Tyrese hit up Instagram to confirm the film is getting a little brother, so to speak. Yes, “Baby Boy” is getting a sequel.

We assume he and Taraji will appear in the new version or sequel or what ever it is, but so far there’s no word Tyrese about that or if John Singleton will return to direct. So not a lot of info to tell you. But in any event, here’s Tyrese’s big reveal:

Sequel to Baby Boy coming soon….. #BabyBoyComingOfAge shout to @johnsingleton

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The original – written, directed and produced by John Singleton – is a coming-of-age film that follows Tyrese as Joseph ‘Jody’ Summers, a bicycle mechanic making his way through life living in Los Angeles.

Speaking of Tyrese’s role as Jody, would you believe that part was supposed to go Tupac Shakur.

As Madame Noir noted, it’s pretty easy to see why Tupac would have been great for this role, “it’s still a bit eery to think that he was supposed to portray Jody.”

The role was written specifically for him. But when he died in 1996, Singleton shelved the project. The role probably wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch for the rapper turned actor considering he vacillated between the sensitive, socially conscious poet to the thugged out gangster rapper. So the inclusion of Tupac’s face looming over Jody is no coincidence. In a review of the film, the New York Times pointed out just how powerful and symbolic that mural was:

“His image, hovering behind Jody and Melvin, is a haunting reminder of what is at stake for Jody.”


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In other news, Foxy Brown had her own special kind of Lauryn Hill kind of moment after she was basically booed by fans in Philly over the weekend. Reports say she was supposed to perform a Black Pride event, but never made it to the stage.

Here’s what one attendee posted on Instagram about what went down:

FOXY BROWN???? sooooo foxy brown was supposed to come perform lastnight @_parksidebanquethall lastnight for the Black pride event, was supposed to arrive at 2am showed up at 5am, sat in a corner facing the wall and not her audience, had someone else on stage hyping her up, basically stalling for a whole half hour, dj kept playing her songs but Foxy Brown never took the stage which resulted in the audience booing her out of the building, HOW TACKY OF U FOXY BROWN,how do u come always to the city to put on a show and then not perform for the people who paid and was waiting to see u, like what was the point of coming… definitely lost cool points for that one but made a so called diss track against remyma?? bye girl, when gay people boo ya ass out a building u done fucked up

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Here’s video Brown getting booed:





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