Saturday, September 18, 2021

Why Disney/Pixar’s ‘Cars 3’ is Timely to Unity in America (EUR Exclusive)

*Pixar strikes gold again with the highly anticipated “CARS 3” movie which is set to be released in theaters on June 16th. The film which took roughly 6 years to craft, will definitely be worth the wait.

EUR correspondent Kiki Ayers had the opportunity to visit the PIXAR office and the Sonoma Raceway to learn about everything that went into this production.

We had the chance to watch roughly have of the film and within those 45-50 it became clear that the story that is being told will be relatable in this country. Director, Brian Fee explained that patience is the key to trusting the process because changes are always happening in order to improve the story.

“It’s all about what tells the best stories,” he said. “We spent a lot of time on research and a lot of time finding an emotional core.”

The movie introduces the character Cruz Ramirez who is played by comedic actor Cristela Alonzo. Cruz is a female trainer for Lightning McQueen who was too afraid to pursue her dreams as a race car driver. As the story develops we see her grow, work be empowered much like the women’s movement happening in U.S.

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The movie also pays tribute to 4 black NASCAR heroes; Wendell Scott, who raced during the Jim Crow era. He was the first African American to win a race in the Grand National series. Junior Johnson, who won 50 NASCAR races was able to voice his own character, Junior “Midnight” Moon.

Louise Smith, was known as the first lady of racing during a time when women weren’t even allowed in the pit. Last but not least they shined light on Smokey Yunick who was a legendary mechanic and car designer. All of these NASCAR legends played a vital role in the history of car racing and even overcame obstacles from race to gender.

Ray Evernham who is the Former Crew Chief for Hendrick Motorsports and Jay Ward who is the Creative Director for the film were responsible for the research. The went through archives, visited old tracks and spoke with real NASCAR champions.

“Pixar takes the time to do that research because it really helps to form the story,” said Ward.

“CARS 3” will be in theaters everywhere June 16.




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