Thursday, March 4, 2021

Ringside Update/ Golovkin vs Jacobs No Walk in the Park

*With the weather outside  near freezing things got very hot inside Madison Square Garden last Saturday night as Gennady “GGG” Golovkin went twelve rounds against a game Daniel Jacobs who in various ring observers point of view came out of this contest as someone that people want to see more of in the future.

Folks, I got to tell you something. I kept saying to myself before the fight began that in order for Jacobs to win he couldn’t make any mistakes because knowing what “GGG” brings in the ring with 36 wins no losses and 33 knockouts, he had to keep his focus, and utilize every asset and all of his skills he had available and be very careful not to get hit with something. And lo and behold he gets knocked down in the fourth of this very competitive contest in front of a near capacity crowd of some  20,000 people.

imagesIt seemed as though this sort of woke up Jacobs as he began get back into the fight and started landing wicked uppercuts and body shots to Golovkin who at times landed his own stiff jabs and straight right hands.

This turned out to be very tough fight for both guys as Jacobs took Golovkin the full distance of twelve grueling rounds for the first time in his career as a professional and ended his knockout streak.images6WE5GD6Q

The most frustrating thing many people observed was seeing Jacobs switch back and forth from the conventional style of fighting using the left jab to south paw throughout the bout. One had to wonder what was the real game plan in doing this because this was the cause of him getting dropped in the fourth. But there were times that it seemed to work to his advantage in the bout as he would catch “GGG” with some straight left hands and throw him off a little. Although as I said before he made the fight a very competitive one and at the end of twelve rounds all three judges scored the fight for Golovkin even though two of them gave Jacobs the last three rounds.


This was no walk in the park for either of these two as Golovkin improved his record to 37 wins and no losses, while Jacobs suffered his second loss in 34 pro fights and also loss his IBF middleweight title belt.

What was very telling was the sight of Abel Sanchez Golovkin’s trainer rushing over to Jacobs corner and giving him a big hug. Folks, this could’ve actually gone the other way but in order for that to have happen Jacobs had to score a knockout in the final round to seal the deal. This win in the opinion of most ring observers was a gift to Golovkin who was in the fight of his life and has never fought anyone as tough as Jacobs and is now looking to go against  Billy Joe Sanders who is the WBO middleweight champion. And in the meantime, all eyes are on what happens in May with “Canelo” vs Chavez. Maybe at the end of the year we might see “GGG” vs “Canelo” finally happen who knows? As I always say, we’ll see what happens. Folks, boxing is not dead.

“When the tide goes out, that’s when you’ll find out who’s been swimming naked.” – Warren Buffett

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Mohammed Mubarak

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