Saturday, October 1, 2022

CeeLo Green’s is Now Gnarly Davidson; Watch His New Video: ‘Jay Z’s Girl’

ceelo green at 2017 grammy awards

*Ever since last Sunday (02-12-17) when we spotted CeeLo Green in that creepy gold Grammys get up we’ve been trying to figure what the heck was going on.

Well, obviously he was in promotion mode, but other than promoting himself, we just couldn’t figure if there was a specific reason for the weirdness. Now we think we know what’s up.

Apparently the costume is part of Green’s newest alter ego, Gnarly Davidson, not be confused with his other Gnarls Barkley character. Got it?

We found out that earlier this month, Green revealed the new persona to XXL, writing in a statement:

“Look at me… LOOK AT ME! YOU DID THIS TO ME CEELO GREEN, YOU F*CKING IDIOT. BUT I LIKE IT, I’m actually…BETTER! Than you… than everyone! A karmikaze upon you! Vengeance is mine sayeth GNARLY DAVIDSON. P.S. TECHNOLOJESUS saves.”

OK CeeLo, er, Gnarly, we got it … for what it’s worth.

Here’s the other thing, the Gnarly Davidson persona/character also comes in a more sinister, all black version that’s really scary looking. That’s it, er, him immediately below in the video.

OK, it’s gets even MORE interesting. Well, at least it does to us. That’s ’cause Green’s also got folks zooming their attention towards him over his new video called “Jay Z’s Girl!”

Yep, you guessed it, the ditty is a take off of Rick Springfield’s classic 80s rock joint, “Jessie’s Girl.” Fortunately the John Colombo-directed video doesn’t show Green in the scary black outfit, but features a mini Cee Lo, who is completely obsessed with Beyoncé. And it’s a hoot, too.

Dude’s walls are covered with pics of Blue Ivy‘s mama and his heart is filled with lust, we mean, love for her. 🙂

Watch it below:

Oh yeah, there’s this. Gnarly Davidson also has another song/video ou called “F*ck Me, I’m Famous.” Don’t worry, the song has a more radio-friendly version called “Love Me, I’m Famous.”






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