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White Michaels Shopper Explodes on Black Cashier Over Reusable Bag; Claims Discrimination (Watch)

Woman in mid-meltdown over being “discriminated against” at a Michaels in Chicago (Nov. 23, 2016)

*A white woman shopping at a Michaels in Chicago has gone viral after exploding on a black employee who informed her she could pay $1 to purchase a reusable bag for her larger items.

The unidentified woman reportedly spent 45-minutes tearing into African-American and Hispanic employees, claiming she was the victim of discrimination because she is white and voted for Donald Trump in the presidential election.

“Yes, I voted for Trump, so there. You want to kick me out because of that? And look who won,” the woman said.

People in the store began videotaping her, which prompted the woman to start videotaping the bystanders. “You want to discriminate against me and name call me?” she said. “What, you don’t want to be videoed? You don’t want to be on TV?”

Spotting the woman whose video is shown below, the white woman storms toward her saying, “I don’t know what you think you’re videoing, lady. I was just discriminated against by two black women, and you being a white woman, you’re literally thinking that that’s okay? You standing there with your baby thinking that’s okay.”

The African-American store manager can be heard calmly telling the woman to stop cursing in front of the children who were in the store.

The woman eventually turned her ire toward the videographer’s 2-year-old child, accusing the toddler of stealing.

Watch below:

The woman who recorded this video has started a GoFundMe page for the African American manager who bore the brunt of this woman’s verbal abuse.

The woman details what led up to the meltdown on the GoFundMe page:

On the night before Thanksgiving, I witnessed a white woman engage in a 30 minute racist rant (complete with yelling and cursing and repeated references to the fact that employees were African American) against the employees at a Chicago Michaels store – because she did not like that they offered her the option to purchase a re-usable shopping bag for her larger items. I was directly in front of this customer in line, I stopped at the exit to show my 2 year old a Christmas ornament and witnessed first-hand that the Michaels’ employees did nothing to provoke this verbal attack, and in fact treated all customers with professionalism and courtesy. I was so shocked by this unprovoked attack that I captured 17 minutes of it on video on my phone. I am starting this gofundme because I’d like to do something to try to make it up to the employee who was the main target of this racist attack. I’d like to show her that many people are horrified by how this woman treated her, and that we stand with her and appreciate her hard work. She inspired me because despite the hateful words that were being hurled in her direction, she stood in that entranceway calm and unmoving to protect her staff and customers. Her calmness calmed me and I saw a true leader, which in today’s world, is something to be rewarded. All proceeds from this gofundme will be given to this employee, who has three children, to try to make her busy holiday season brighter. In the current climate I believe it’s very important that we go out of our way to treat each other with dignity, kindness and politeness, and that we stand up for each other when we see people being mistreated.

As of now, $6,057 has been raised for the mother of three, far surpassing the initial $400 goal.

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