Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Watch Heather McGhee Answer a Caller Who Genuinely Asked Her How He Can Stop Being Prejudiced

Heather McGhee on CSPN's "Washington Journal"
Heather McGhee on CSPN’s “Washington Journal”

*Heather McGhee – the president of Demos, a liberal public-policy organization – was being interviewed on CSPAN’s ‘Washington Journal” this week when a white man called in to ask her how he can change his racist ways.

“I was hoping that your guest could help me change my mind about some things. I’m a white male and I am prejudiced,” the man stated. “The reason …is when I open up the papers, I get very discouraged at what young black males are doing to each other — the crime rate.

I have these different fears and I don’t want my fears to come true. …I don’t like to be forced to like people, I like to be led to like people through example. What can I do to change, to be a better American?”

Appearing genuinely moved by the question, McGhee, a frequent guest on HBOs’ “Real Time with Bill Maher,” thanked the man for his honesty and told him that people of all races have prejudices — many on a subconscious level. She also offered suggestions on steps he can take to change his perception of black America.

Watch below:

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