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Prince Painkiller Rumors; Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ & Jay Z on ‘The Talk’ (WATCH)

Hosts React To Speculation About Painkillers Role In Prince’s Death
The Talk” hosts discuss the speculation that prescription drugs may have played a role in Prince’s death. Sharon Osbourne says, “He was such an extremely private person, none of us knew what his life was…apparently he was on massive amounts of Percocet…if you’re on that for a long time it really affects your organs…am I surprised now that we’ve learned more about of his medical condition? No, I’m not surprised.”

Sara Gilbert adds:
“In terms of prescription drugs, in America we are 5% of the [global] population and we consume 75% of the prescription drugs.” Aisha Tyler says, “What a force of nature he was on stage, and how physically demanding that must have been…when he was 51 or 52 doing cartwheels and splits and playing for two hours straight…” Sheryl Underwood concludes, “I hope it will open our nation to a discussion on chronic pain management…look at Michael Jackson’s situation with his scalp burning, he became addicted to medicine…hopefully the nation can come together.”

Beyoncé Drops ‘Lemonade’; Puts Jay Z’s Cheating on Blast?
Social media exploded when Beyoncé released her new album Lemonade with lyrics suggesting Jay Z cheated on her. The hosts weigh in. Sharon Osbourne says, “Who knows what goes on…People are reading into lyrics of songs”… in terms of the cheating claims, she adds, “…it’s when they get emotionally attached that you need to worry.” Sara Gilbert says, “I don’t fully agree, but I would forgive somebody if I believed their apology.”

Julian McMahon Reveals Favorite Sex Scene From ‘Nip/Tuck’ – Aisha Tyler!
Julian McMahon visits THE TALK and recalls the hit series “Nip/Tuck,” where his character had a very active romantic life. Asked about which of the frequent sex scenes he played was his favorite, he reveals, “(host) Aisha [Tyler] and myself was actually a fun one. And the reason it was so much fun is because we knew each other quite well before that… I liken our relationship to brother/sister, we had a lot of fun together, laughed together… we got to the intimate scenes and all of a sudden we had to strip down the consciousness… and jump into bed together.” He continues, “I was very nervous… then it got real sexy real fast. I’m kidding!” Aisha Tyler adds, “I just remember laughing so hard I was sweating… you’re giggling between the takes and then trying to make sexy time.” Julian shares, “The director pulled us aside, who was laughing hysterically as well, and he said, “can you please do one serious take?”

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